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Jaane Jaan on Netflix: Story of The Devotion of Suspect X, the Japanese novel that Kareena Kapoor Khan’s film is based on

Jaane Jaan will start streaming on Netflix from September 21

Jaane Jaan on Netflix: Story of The Devotion of Suspect X, the Japanese novel that Kareena Kapoor Khan’s film is based on

Last Updated: 11.49 PM, Sep 20, 2023


Jaane Jaan is set to release on Netflix pretty soon. The movie is the Hindi film adaptation of the Japanese bestselling novel, The Devotion of Suspect X. Jaane Jaan sees Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma in the lead roles. However, did you know what the book’s story really is?

The Devotion of Suspect X adaptation

Keigo Higashino’s The Devotion of Suspect X is his most acclaimed work so far and has been adapted as a film in many languages. This includes Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, Tamil and now, Hindi. In Tamil, the film was remade as Kolaigaran, starring Vijay Antony in the lead role.

What is the story of the novel?

Yasuko Hanaoka is a divorced single mother to Misato. She works at a bento shop. Her neighbour Tetsuya Ishigami is a skilled maths teacher and Yasuko’s neighbour. They share a fondness for one another but it is unspoken of. One day, Yasuko’s ex-husband Togashi demands money from her. He threatens them and the situation leads to domestic violence. The mother-daughter then end up killing Togashi. Tetsuya helps them bury the body. Detective Shunpei Kusanagi is investing the case of missing Togashi and Yasuko becomes his number one suspect. He brings Dr. Manabu Yukawa on the case. Interestingly, Manabu and Tetsuya went to the same college. The doctor is convinced about the teacher’s intelligence and thus, involvement with the case. The two are now constantly trying to prove the other wrong and being one step forward and another step back. Eventually, Tetsuya gives in and reveals that he was so deep into depression that he wanted to take his life. That is when Yasuko and Misato entered his life and he felt a deep connection with them. Tetsuya also killed an innocent homeless man to cover up for the murder of Togashi. Manabu confronts Yasuko after he realizes that Tetsuya is taking the fall for her and her daughter. Tetsuya hopes that Yasuko and Misato can move forward but unable to take the guilt anymore, they surrender and serve their prison sentence with Tetsuya, leaving them all in tears.

Is Jaane Jaan exactly like the book?

It is tough to reveal so at this point of time. Kareena plays the role of Yasuko (here, Maya D’Souza). Jaideep is seen in the role of Tetsuya (Naren). This time, the cop plays a major role and so, Vijay Varma steps in as Shunpei (Karan). Karan and Naren are college friends and they both are skilled at martial arts. Maya is also very charismatic and she can make both Naren and Karan fall for her. The makers have revealed only these details so far. More about the film will be out once it starts streaming on Netflix from September 21.

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