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Jamie Dornan discloses he had a stalker turn up at his house while his kids were there

Jamie Dornan is known for his rugged charm and suave acting skills that help him mold himself into any character he pleases. But even his children had a scary encounter, due to his Fifty Shades fame.

Jamie Dornan discloses he had a stalker turn up at his house while his kids were there
Jamie Dornan in The Tourist

Last Updated: 10.30 PM, Dec 30, 2023


In an interview with The Independent, earlier today, Jamie Dornan spoke about his experience shooting The Tourist, his regret for agreeing to certain parts of The Fall and Fifty Shades franchise, as well as his fair share of bad experience associated with fame and his views on it.

The actor is starring as a unique, sociopathic criminal in The Tourist who wakes up with zero memories about his past actions and a trail of consequences to pay for. As he retraces his identity and his enemies, he deals with the burning guilt of all the crimes that his previous, cruel self has committed for selfish means. Its second season streams January 1, onwards.


After discussing The Tourist and The Fall, Dornan was asked about the wild frenzy that surrounded the Fifty Shades franchise, especially the bizarre fan conspiracies that popped up and spread like acne. But Dornan interrupts and shares certain dark details about the fame of an obsessive fandom.

Jamie Dornan candidly shared that he is usually very good at blocking any noise or chaos that is associated with a particular fandom, and not letting it affect him or his family. But it is not always possible to shut them out and sometimes they do end up affecting his family.

He specifically recalled an incident before the pandemic, “I had a situation...a stalker-type situation before COVID. That was f***ing scary. Someone turned up at my house when my kids were there. It was not something...” Dornan’s voice trails off before changing the topic with a final, “The more I can block that out, the better it is for me and the family.”

Instead, he claimed, he would prefer to maintain a balance between choosing indie projects as well as big ones, instead of being overly ambitious. He enjoys where he is in life right now, being able to ride the Tube, lead a normal life, all that.

He has never slouched in his ambitions, but he has realized in the last ten years that he does not wish for “big peaks all the time.” Dornan claims that he would rather “keep ticking” as he is and then one day just “disappear” and “play golf” for the rest of his life.

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