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January 2024, Week 3 OTT India releases - From Blue Beetle, Extra Ordinary Man to Indian Police Force, Joe, Zorro

Many Japanese, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Italian, Hindi, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic, Indonesian, French, German, Tamil, and Telugu titles will be released on OTT.

January 2024, Week 3 OTT India releases - From Blue Beetle, Extra Ordinary Man to Indian Police Force, Joe, Zorro
Blue Beetle; Extra Ordinary Man; Indian Police Force; Joe; Zorro

Last Updated: 04.33 PM, Jan 17, 2024


The third week of January 2024 is here, and be ready to get spoiled with choices of titles to be watched on the leading OTT platforms. From Rohit Shetty's Indian Police Force to the superhero adventure Blue Beetle, this week brings a diverse mix of genres to your screens.  Watch American Nightmare for a riveting true-crime story; Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story for an exploration of the high-stakes world of Formula 1; and Hazbin Hotel for an animated musical comedy that will have you in stitches. Whether you're interested in romantic comedies like Captivating the King on Netflix or fashion documentaries like Cristóbal Balenciaga on Disney+ Hotstar, this week is sure to provide an entertaining and exciting experience.

Learn about the titles releasing in the third week of January 2024 in detail below:

A Shop For Killers - January 16 (Disney+ Hotstar)

The untimely demise of an uncle who ran a shopping centre forces a nephew, who had grown up without parents, to confront a new reality.

American Nightmare - January 17 (Netflix)

The authorities dismiss the young couple's version of events following a kidnapping and house invasion as too fantastical. Authorities dismiss the young couple's version of events following a kidnapping and house invasion as too fantastical, presuming they staged the whole thing when the victim of a terrifying 2015 home invasion and abduction appears in this true-crime documentary series. 

Blue Beetle - January 18 (JioCinema)

Jaime Reyes, a recent college graduate with big dreams for his future, comes home to a house that is different from the one he left. As Jaime ponders his place in the universe, destiny steps in and hands him the Scarab, a priceless artefact of extraterrestrial technology. After being unexpectedly chosen as the symbiotic host by the Scarab, Jaime's fate is forever altered as he becomes the Super Hero Blue Beetle. The suit of armour bestowed upon him is capable of amazing and unpredictable powers. 

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story - January 19 (Disney+ Hotstar)

After Honda's racing team went bankrupt in 2008, their competitors banded together to get the team back on track, which was a first in the sport. The team's rebranding to Brawn GP and Ross Brawn's leadership made everything seem good, until they discovered they had unwittingly produced a formidable rival. 

Captivating the King - January 20 (Netflix)

In the midst of a political and royal power struggle, a monarch becomes entangled with a captivating woman whose secret longing for vengeance turns into love. 

Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story - January 19 (Disney+ Hotstar)

The internet dispute that engulfed Britain caused a stir online and led to a high court hearing over a social media scandal. One of Britain's most renowned WAGs, Coleen Rooney, went to tremendous lengths to identify and apprehend the person responsible for the leak of private information about her to the tabloids. 

Cristóbal Balenciaga - January 19 (Disney+ Hotstar)

The story of Cristobal Balenciaga starts in 1937, when the designer showcases his debut haute couture collection in Paris. His ateliers in Madrid and San Sebastian were thriving centres of fashion for the Spanish nobility and elite during his lifetime. Paris has evolved into a sophisticated fashion empire, and the designs that were popular in Spain don't exactly fit in with this environment. Givenchy, Chanel, and Dior are the icons of haute couture in Paris. In the end, Cristóbal Balenciaga will become one of the most influential fashion designers of all time, and his style will be defined by his fixation with control over everything in his life. 

Death and Other Details - January 16 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Death and Other Details is set in the glamorous world of the global elite and follows Imogene, a spirited and intelligent woman who finds herself in a predicament when she becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation centered around a locked chamber. Okay, it was partly her fault. A series of unfortunate events brings to light a murder mystery involving a locked room and Imogene Scott. Rufus Cotesworth is the best investigator in the world, but she hates him. She must work with him to prove her innocence. 

Dusty Slay: Workin' Man - January 16 (Netflix)

Thanks to his employment, Dusty is able to stay loyal to himself, spend time with his family, and be a part of the community that has brought him fame through his everyday comedy. You can still listen to his comedy while your kids are in the vehicle because it is clean, yet it doesn't seem completely clean. Dusty stays away from divisive political issues and topics because, as a Christian, he knows that his gift is in bringing people together through laughter as they sing "Have a Good Time." 

End of the Line - January 17 (Netflix)

Presented live to an enthusiastic audience, this offbeat comedy follows Ivan, a covert van driver, as he humorously confronts the dissolution of his wife and the obstacles of daily life. Sandra drives a public bus and Ivan an unlicensed van at a Rio de Janeiro bus terminal; the pair is still living together after their divorce, and they have to deal with the daily challenges of being drivers together. 

Extra Ordinary Man - January 19 (Disney+ Hotstar)

A young artist named Abhinay takes over as chief executive officer of the company his girlfriend owns. A mystery meeting with Nero drastically changes his trajectory, despite the allure of stardom. 

From the Ashes - January 18 (Netflix)

An enigmatic inferno spreads uncontrollably at an exclusive girls' institution. Whether it was a fire or an accident is now a matter of debate. 

Hazbin Hotel - January 19 (Prime Video)

A Hellishly funny animated musical comedy with an R rating. Yeah, you heard it correctly! Charlie Morningstar, princess of Hell, strives in vain to rehabilitate demons in Hazbin Hotel, written and illustrated by Vivienne Medrano, in an effort to quietly decrease the realm's overpopulation. 

Indian Police Force - January 19 (Prime Video)

In the gripping Indian Police Force series, Delhi Police Officer Kabir Malik endures a terrifying journey as he fights an evil enemy named Zarar, who was radicalised at an early age and has decided to become a terrorist. The action-packed police drama begins with a nail-biting pursuit, showcasing the unwavering quest for justice and the selfless sacrifices made by everyone involved. 

It Was Always Me - January 17 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Lupe has made her home in Mexico, and Noah, who inherited a pub from his family, passes the time there. On paper, the reunion album sounds like the ideal chance for everyone to come back together after all this time, but things get messy after the first night. 

Joe - January 15 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Love, laughter, friendships, and heartbreaks are the emotional highs and lows of Joe's life that the film centres around.

Kübra - January 18 (Netflix)

The arrival of messages that appear to foretell the future causes a suburban man to gain both admirers and formidable adversaries.

Kolonko - January 19 (hoichoi)

A tragic turn occurs in the lives of old college friends Chaiti and Rangan when they face an unforeseen catastrophe that breaks the façade of their progressive marriage, which has lasted for two decades. Are they doomed to endure further disasters in the future, or can they rebuild their perfect family life? 

LOL - Last One Laughing: Ireland - January 19 (Prime Video)

Ireland's LOL: Last One Laughing showcases the show's set and exposes viewers to the comedic talents that will be competing.

Love on the Spectrum U.S Season 2 - January 19 (Netflix)

Love on the Spectrum U.S., a documentary reality series that has won an Emmy®, follows autistic individuals as they try to find love and maintain relationships. The show is both informative and compassionate. The second season of this American television series follows the lives of a diverse group of characters, some of whom are new to the show and others who are returning, all in the pursuit of love. 

Maboroshi - January 15 (Netflix)

An insatiable need to fall in love fuels those who fight for a future in a society that forbids change. A world ruined by the insatiable need to fall in love. After an explosion at a steel factory cut off all escape routes, fourteen-year-old Masamune lives in a town where time stands still. The town decrees that nothing must be changed in the hopes that everything will eventually go back to normal, and Masamune goes about his days moping. Eventually, he follows his mysterious and fascinating classmate Mutsumi into a blast furnace at the steel mill. He meets Itsumi, a girl who is mute and behaves like a wolf, there. The encounter between Masamune and these two females starts to disrupt the world's equilibrium. The irresistible pull towards love begs the question: What lies ahead? 

Merry Men 3: Nemesis - January 18 (Netflix)

Four of Abuja's most eligible and infamous bachelors are the protagonists of the film. They live lives of excess, with their extensive network, successful enterprises, fast cars, mansions, and women. 

Mi Soledad Tiene Alas - January 19 (Netflix)

A gang of young people is stealing jewellery until an incident forces them to relocate to a Madrid suburb. 

No Activity: Niente da Segnalare - January 18 (Prime Video)

Taking its cues from an Australian TV series, "No Activity: Niente da Segnalare" features realist humour centred on contradictions. Two police officers, Luca Zingaretti and Alessandro Tiberi, are locked up in Patrol Car 12, ready to launch an attack. In the control room, you can see two operators—Emanuela Fanelli and Carla Signoris—and two criminals—Fabio Balsamo and Rocco Papaleo—who are waiting for a shipment that never comes. A lot of things happen in places where nothing happens. 

Primbon - January 18 (Netflix)

While on a mountain climbing trip, Rana vanishes but reappears, sparking a debate between her superstitious extended family and her mother's faith in her ability to survive. 

Rachid Badouri: Les fleurs du tapis - January 18 (Netflix)

In this honest stand-up special, the dynamic Quebecois comic opens up about anything from meeting a racist fan to letting his popularity get the best of him. 

Rising Impact - January 15 (Netflix)

Nakaba Suzuki, creator of the smash hit "The Seven Deadly Sins" series, made his serialised manga debut with the 1998 golf manga "Rising Impact," which received rave reviews from readers of Weekly Shonen Jump. It took 25 years, but an anime adaptation is finally in the works! As third grader Gawain Nanaumi learns about and plays golf over the course of two seasons, the show traces his development as a player. 

Sixty Minutes - January 19 (Netflix)

Octavio, an MMA fighter, has exactly one hour to be present at his daughter's birthday celebration before he permanently loses custody of her. In his haste to get to her, he rejects a major fight, putting himself in harm's way with even more dangerous individuals. Unexpectedly, Octavio becomes entangled in a relentless race against time and a relentless pursuit that challenges his resilience across Berlin. 

Snakes SOS: Goa's Wildest Season 4 - January 20 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Besides running Snake Hotline around the clock, Ben and Louise are wedding planners, so they're not your average couple. Snake SOS accompanies them as they bravely rescue snakes in Goa. 

The Bequeathed - January 19 (Netflix)

A lady becomes entangled in a web of murders and sinister secrets after inheriting a burial ground from an uncle she never met. 

The Greatest Night In Pop - January 19 (Netflix)

We Are the World nearly never came to fruition—the secret tale of its near-miss! There was just one night to bring order out of disarray for 46 of the biggest names in pop music. Stars who were there recount the ups and downs of writing and recording the iconic song that became a worldwide phenomenon, won two Grammys, and raised millions for African famine relief in this documentary. The biggest names in music came together on a cold January night in 1985 to record We Are the World. In this documentary, we see how the momentous event came to be. 

The Kitchen - January 19 (Netflix)

A tale of communal love and parenthood... Kitchens are found in every city. The disparity between the wealthy and everyone else has reached a breaking point in a dystopian London. One of London's few surviving housing estates, The Kitchen, is almost too dangerous for Izi to stay in. He must make tough choices, though, when Benji, a young man, enters his life. 

Zorro - January 19 (Prime Video)

After his father's murder, Diego de la Vega decides to return to California and get revenge. A Native American woman named Nah-Lin accuses him of stealing her inheritance, and he begins his fight against her after taking the name Zorro. In his fight for the common good, Diego will face off against the governor, the corrupt head of the Chinese community, and an underground organisation. Doing so will also mean giving up on his feelings for Lolita.

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