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January 2024, Week 4 OTT India releases - From Agent, Animal, Karmma Calling to Neru, Sam Bahadur, Shark Tank India Season 3

In the fourth week of January 2024, many English, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil titles will be released on OTT.

January 2024, Week 4 OTT India releases - From Agent, Animal, Karmma Calling to Neru, Sam Bahadur, Shark Tank India Season 3
Agent; Animal; Karmma Calling; Neru; Sam Bahadur; Shark Tank India Season 3

Last Updated: 03.16 PM, Jan 23, 2024


In the fourth week of January 2024, there are a variety of titles releasing on the leading OTT platforms from the worlds of micro-bugs, espionage, family relationships, and emotional roller coasters. After their successful theatrical runs, movies like Animal, Sam Bahadur, Neru, and Agent are finally releasing on OTT. Gear up to watch the exciting series, namely Griselda, Karmma Calling, and many others, dropping this week. 

Learn about the titles releasing in the final week of January 2024 in detail below:

A Real Bug's Life - January 24 (Disney+ Hotstar)

A Real Bug's Life, a new Disney+ Original Series from National Geographic, takes its cues from Pixar's "A Bug's Life" and takes viewers on an incredible journey into nine different micro-bug worlds across the world. In these tiny worlds, tiny creatures depend on incredible powers and alliances to survive each day, and the forces of nature manifest on a miniature scale. 

Agent - January 26 (SonyLIV)

Uncovering the truth about a hazardous terrorist organisation is the mission of an enigmatic spy.

Animal - January 26 (Netflix)

A son's unfathomable love for his father is the protagonist of this story. Their relationship starts to break down, and then a series of unbelievable things happen, turning the son into a monster driven by a hunger for revenge. 

Badland Hunters - January 26 (Netflix)

A courageous hunter steps in to save a kidnapped teen from a crazy doctor after a devastating earthquake transforms Seoul into a desolate wasteland.

Bogeyman - January 25 (Netflix)

Will Harper, a therapist, is struggling with his own emotional agony and isn't offering much assistance to his daughters Sadie and Sawyer as they cope with their mother's sudden loss. Unexpectedly, a sick patient arrives at their house, pleading for help. However, he also leaves behind a horrible, otherworldly creature that targets families and thrives on their pain. 

Doctor Slump - January 27 (Netflix)

When both parties are at their lowest, an old rivalry or a new romance can reignite between the two former academic prodigies as burned-out doctors. 

Expats - January 26 (Prime Video)

An encounter sets in motion a chain reaction of life-altering events that leaves everyone in Expats—a multi-faceted group of women—navigating the fine balance between blame and accountability, set against the complicated tapestry of Hong Kong inhabitants. 

Fight Club - January 27 (Disney+ Hotstar)

College student Selva is angry because there aren't enough options for him to pursue his dream of being a football player. An enraged adolescent, he finds himself embroiled in family disputes. 

Flex X Cop - January 26 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Jin Yi-soo, a young third-generation chaebol turned detective, and Lee Kang-hyun, a seasoned investigator in the violent crime section, have a romantic plotline that is narrated in the series. Seeing Yi-soo as an annoyance at first, Kang-hyun had her doubts about him. Their relationship hits a turning point, though, and they end up becoming partners. 

Griselda - January 24 (Netflix)

A caring mother founded one of the world's most lucrative cartels, as told in Griselda. When the series debuts, you'll get to see how she deftly balances family and work with a deadly combination of unexpected ferocity and grace. 

Hustlers - January 24 (Amazon miniTV)

Sanjay Sharma's quest to prove himself to his family, and especially his father, is the driving force behind the events in Hustlers. His goal is to "Naam Kamana Hai ". When faced with the harsh facts of life, Sanjay finds unconventional and eccentric ways to overcome them and turn the tables on his enemies. But will he stop at nothing to achieve his goals?

Jacqueline Novak: Get On Your Knees - January 23 (Netflix)

Jacqueline Novak makes fun of the vulva's resiliency in her latest stand-up show on Netflix. The comedian reflects philosophically and humorously on sex, coming-of-age, and a specific body part. 

Kajiman: Iblis Terkejam Penagih Janji - January 25 (Prime Video)

The brutality is becoming apparent. Even individuals who are free to break their agreements are not immune to the fear. To defeat Kajiman, one must have the unique "weton," or Japanese traditional calendar. The promise remains the promise, nevertheless. He will collect it mercilessly! 

Karmma Calling - January 26 (Disney+ Hotstar)

No amount of mercy will appease a girl out for vengeance. Her goals are driven by a desire for deceit, revenge, and equal retribution. 

Kevin James: Irregardless - January 23 (Prime Video)

Kevin James's much-anticipated special, suitable for the whole family: Parenting, marriage, and ageing are all hilariously tackled in Irregardless. James, in his characteristic style, discusses a wide variety of subjects, including how to get kids to stop playing video games, his distrust of technology, and the number of Tater Tots he can fit in his mouth. 

Love Deadline - January 23 (Netflix)

This is a reality show about ladies who have been on the hunt for the ideal spouse but have fallen between the cracks. Men in this series must depart by a certain deadline, and only women are allowed to make proposals. These ladies can only propose once, and the guy they are interested in today may be gone tomorrow, so it's tempting to believe that someone better will come along. Will bravery be required of these ladies? A plan? Is it possible to earn true love by doing good deeds alone?

Masters of the Air - January 26 (Apple TV+)

Masters of the Air, a film adapted from the eponymous book by Donald L. Miller and written by John Orloff, follows the men of the 100th Bomb Group (the "Bloody Hundredth"). The plot revolves around their dangerous bombing raids over Nazi Germany, during which they face the cold, lack of oxygen, and sheer terror of combat at 25,000 feet in the air. The core of "Masters of the Air" is depicting the emotional and psychological cost these young men bore in their efforts to dismantle the horrors of Hitler's Third Reich. Some were wounded or killed, while others were shot down and arrested. Fortunately, a few managed to return home. No matter what happened to any one of them, it cost them.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution - January 25 (Netflix)

An epic struggle for the heart of Eternia unfolds as He-Man and his pals face off against the sinister powers of Skeletor, pitting technology against magic. 

Neru - January 23 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Sara, a blind sculpture artist, embarks on a journey of emotions, betrayal, and forgiveness as she seeks justice following a horrific occurrence, all set against the backdrop of the Indian legal system. 

Not Quite Narwhal Season 2 - January 22 (Netflix)

Back on land and at sea, Kelp and friends are back for new adventures! Come play with your favourite narwhals and unicorns for some new, enchanted fun, and let your imagination run wild. On the journey, you may encounter some interesting characters.

Queer Eye Season 8 - January 24 (Netflix)

The Fab Five are back in New Orleans to give their heroes a little emotional lift and liven up their lives a little. As Queer Eye continues to change lives and celebrate the power of kindness, we can anticipate seeing a range of emotions, from a coach and teacher to Deaf children who are battling to understand their worth to a Bayou-born outdoorsman who is trying to rekindle the passion in his marriage.

Sam Bahadur - January 26 (ZEE5)

Sam Bahadur pays homage to the illustrious Army General and first Field Marshal of India, Field Marshal Sam HFJ Manekshaw, MC. During his life and career, which included serving in WWII and serving as Chief of Army Staff during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war that resulted in the establishment of Bangladesh, he witnessed the shaping of India's geographical frontiers. Witness the life of a no-nonsense Army Commander, affectionately called "Sam Bahadur" by the soldiers he led, as the film delves into his remarkable military career and captivating personality.

Shark Tank India Season 3 - January 22 (SonyLIV)
Six Nations: Full Contact - January 24 (Netflix)

Bringing you the high-stakes world of Europe's premier rugby tournament, where the top teams compete for the coveted trophy, this series comes from the makers of Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

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