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Japan: “I am not a Nepo kid” says Karthi; Netizens react

Karthi’s 25th film Japan helmed by Raju Murugan, hit the cinemas today, November 10

Japan: “I am not a Nepo kid” says Karthi; Netizens react

Last Updated: 03.34 PM, Nov 10, 2023


Actor who had attended the audio launch event of his new film Japan spoke about his career as the Japan marks the actor’s 25th film from his acting filmography. In a now viral video, when asked about “advantages he has received for coming from a film background”, the actor gave a speech about his privileges, which was not well received by the viewers. Few commented that the actor failed to acknowledge his privilege. 

“All my mother had advised me was not to tarnish our father’s reputation”, says Japan star

At the launch event, one of the hosts indirectly asked Karthi about his perspective on receiving career support due to his association with a star family. This is a well-known fact, as Karthi is the son of the renowned veteran actor Sivakumar and the brother of actor Suriya.

The Japan star proceeded to explain his interpretation of the term 'Nepo kid': “Who is a nepotistic kid? Isn’t it when a father has amassed wealth and appoints his son to the MD position. My mother always advised us never to tarnish our father’s reputation. Hearing this throughout our lives, we knew our father wouldn't produce films for us. He himself advised us not to enter the cinema field. However, when I completed my studies, I realised that we spend 60% of our lives on our occupation. So, why not choose a job that gives me creative freedom?”

He continued, stating, “I knew entering the film industry and securing a role is not an easy task. I had to create an opportunity to be selected, and I believed the best way to do this was by becoming a filmmaker. However, (TJ) Gnanavel advised me to start with acting and venture into direction later.”

Karthi emphasised, “Gnanavel and I have worked really hard to be in the position where we stand today. So, if you ask me whether I am a nepotistic kid, I would have to deny it. While I understand that through my father I can get a start, it isn't easy to sustain just with the star kid status,” concluding his perspective on the matter.

Netizens reacted on twitter calling the speech ‘a scripted explanation for his privilege’

After the video went viral, many pointed out that the actor’s denial of not being a 'nepo kid' stems from his privilege. Even though he has proven his acting prowess in his film career, he still ought to acknowledge the advantage he received by hailing from a star family.

Japan releases today on November 10

The actor’s 25th film Japan helmed by Raju Murugan released theatrically today on November 10. The heist action comedy revolves around Japan, a notorious thief who successfully steals jewels worth ₹200 crore from a jewellery store, leading to a high-stakes cat-and-mouse chase between him and the cops. The film also stars Karthi and Anu Emmanuel, alongside Sunil, S. D. Vijay Milton and K. S. Ravikumar.

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