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Jason Momoa brings the house down in SNL by including gladiators, dinosaurs, and astrology

Jason Momoa hosted this week's SNL alone, a first this season, without guest stars, & managed it with panache, The sketch Rome Song, playfully parodied a viral trend about how often men think o Rome.

Jason Momoa brings the house down in SNL by including gladiators, dinosaurs, and astrology

Last Updated: 11.01 PM, Nov 19, 2023


A viral Tiktok trend, which spawned from an Instagram post by a re-enactor of Roman history, Gaius Flavius, caught the eye of SNL writers and ended up on the Thanksgiving episode. The trend featured individuals, mostly women, asking the men in their lives how often they think about Ancient Rome, and the responses mostly ranked in the quirky to funny range.

Hosted by Jason Momoa, without any guest celebs or stars for the first time this season, the Thanksgiving episode peaked during the sketch titled the Rome Song. The song featured Jason Momoa paired off with Ego Nwodim, Mikey Day with Chloe Troast, and Kenan Thompson had Punkie Johnson as his significant other.

The video begins with Nwodim, Troast, and Johnson, wondering and lamenting the emotional distance in their relationships. They love their partners, but each time they try connecting with them mentally, they hit a brick wall. Finally, when Nwodim manages to get a response from Jason Momoa about what he is thinking, it is the one she least expects.

Momoa steals hearts by dressing in a gladiator suit and gleefully jumping around like a kid lost in Hamleys. As he, Day and Rhompson dance about dressed in Roman attire, gloating about the success of ancient Rome, Momoa is slapped back to reality by Ego Nwodim who restricts him from mentioning anything about Rome again. What proceeds from that moment of the sketch, is its transcendence from its limitation of ‘what are men thinking about?’ to include the similar, quirky things women and children daydream about.

While Momoa’s son daydreams about dinosaurs, his wife daydreams and raps with Chloe Troast and Punkie Johnson about the modern-day fascination among many women with astrology, especially while choosing a boyfriend or the flavor of their morning latte. It was a nice touch on the part of the Saturday Night Live writers for being universal and inclusive when it comes to our quirks and oddities.

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