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Jeevan Mrityu - 54 years of Dharmendra’s iconic film that spoke about anti-corruption and was way ahead of its time

Released in 1970, Jeevan Mrityu stars Rakhee Gulzar with Dharmendra and is one of the finest movies in their filmography. 

Jeevan Mrityu - 54 years of Dharmendra’s iconic film that spoke about anti-corruption and was way ahead of its time
54 Years Of Jeevan Mrityu

Last Updated: 05.09 PM, Jun 04, 2024


Cinema reflecting the real world is a phenomenon that should be preserved and celebrated. Movies are not just a tool to entertain, sometimes they also work as an eye opener for both sides no matter what side of the fence one stands on. With the political chaos at its peak today, we are all glued to our TV screens to know the result. But it is indeed ironic that a movie that was supremely political and starred one of the most commercial artists of his time turns 54 today. We are talking about Jeevan Mrityu that stars Dharmendra in the leading role. The movie that spoke of the anti-corruption theme is now 54 years old and below is all you need to know and where you can watch it in India. 

54 Years Of Jeevan Mrityu

Jeevan Mrityu is a film full of surprises both on-screen and off-screen. On screen it had Dharmendra playing one of his most nuanced characters that was not taking resort under the theatrics. Behind the scenes, the movie was a very political thriller found home in a production house like Rajshri Productions. A company known for ‘clean’ films was backing a film with a distinct voice. There was so much to explore that one can easily call this Dharmendra-led film a project that was released much ahead of its time. 


The film starring Rakhee Gulzar alongside Dharmendra was Satyen Bose and written by Biswanath Roy. It was about a bank manager who is honest and righteous. But his colleagues one day decide to frame him as a thief. He is accused of stealing Rs 10 lakh and is even found falsely guilty. He is sent to the prison and is announced dead later. But the twist is that he returns with another identity and takes revenge on the people who falsely accused him and ruined his life. 

Jeevan Mrityu On Streaming

While there is enough drama, Jeevan Mrityu looks at the theme of anti-corruption with a very interesting lens. The filmmaker who is also credited for a film called Dosti, actually poured his perspective towards evil in a very palatable manner. The presence of a hero, his struggle for being honest, and the suffering it brings to him in the evil world is very distinctly captured without romanticizing, idolizing, or villainizing anyone. There is an interesting approach. 

The film turns 54 today and corruption still plagues the world we live in. Watch the movie on Shemaroo Me today and see how filmmakers have been leading the march to a better world for decades. You can watch Jeevan Mrityu with your OTTplay Premium subscription too. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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