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Jigar trailer: Praveen Tej gives fearless a new meaning

Jigar trailer: Praveen Tej is in action hero mode in the film about the fish tender mafia

Jigar trailer: Praveen Tej gives fearless a new meaning
Praveen Tej in a still from Jigar

Last Updated: 04.06 PM, Jun 22, 2024


Jigar is actor Praveen Tej’s first full-fledged action-packed commercial entertainer, directed by Suri Kunder, which is coming to theatres on July 5, ahead of which the team revealed its trailer today.

Much of the trailer is devoted to establishing Praveen as an action hero, with the actor showing off his punching, kicking and slashing skills. It’s not all gore and violence, though, with a love story also finding a place in the narrative. Jigar is a film that Praveen took up in 2021, to break away from the love stories he’d been doing until that point.


And while it seems that his character Jeeva is a vehicle loan recovery agent in the film, the actor explains that the crux of the narrative revolves around his involvement in the auctions for fish tenders, a multi-crore business controlled by a few ‘underworld’ groups. How Jeeva becomes involved in this and the conflicts therewith and his struggle to get out of it is what the film is about. It is a character-driven film, adds the actor, who was last seen in O2, opposite Ashika Ranganath.

Jigar is Praveen Tej's first action hero film
Jigar is Praveen Tej's first action hero film

Speaking at the trailer launch, Praveen said that although there is a lot of action, Jigar has just as much comedy as well and said it would fall in the action-comedy genre. The actor also addressed the issue of audiences not turning up for Kannada films in theatres, which he says is not their fault, but is probably the result of low-quality films and increased access to OTT platforms. Having said this, Praveen added that to keep passionate producers like the makers of Jigar in the business of making films, it is imperative for audiences to support them.

Jigar also stars Vijesh, Yash Shetty, Dharmanna Kadur, Loki, Vijayshree Kalburgi. The film has cinematography by Shiva Seenu and music by Ritvik Muralidhar and their contributions, feels Praveen, are major pillars of Jigar.

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