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John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial - When, where to watch the docuseries on The Beatles legend

John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial promises to feature interviews with not just Lennon's closest friends, the detectives who investigated the murder, etc. but also eyewitnesses of the fatal incident.

John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial - When, where to watch the docuseries on The Beatles legend
New docuseries on John Lennon's murder

Last Updated: 04.06 PM, Dec 03, 2023


Cultural icon John Lennon's murder might have occurred nearly four and a half decades ago but the event still sends chills down the spines of countless fans and admirers across the world. Known for his exploits as the frontman of the British rock band The Beatles and later as one-half of the Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon was murdered by Mark David Chapman on 8 December 1980 at his residence in New York City, United States. 

Lennon's tragic demise is now the subject of a new limited documentary series which is set to premiere two days prior to his 43rd death anniversary. Titled 'John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial', the three-part series will debut on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.


What to expect from 'John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial'?

The fatal shooting of John Lennon by Mark David Chapman, of course, has been covered from various angles over time but the upcoming Apple TV+ show attempts to offer a more comprehensive take on the incident. The docuseries will feature exclusive interviews with some of Lennon's closest friends, Chapman's defence lawyers, psychiatrists, the detectives who investigated the murder and others. 

More importantly, 'John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial' promises to feature eyewitnesses who are said to be sharing their first-hand accounts for the very first time on camera. The three-part series has been directed by Nick Holt and Rob Coldstream.

Why was John Lennon killed?

Eerily, Mark David Chapman, the convicted murderer, is a self-confessed fan of The Beatles fan but is said to have been enraged by Lennon's comments about Jesus Christ and worldly possessions. The first instance of Chapman "turning against" Lennon is noted to be following the latter's 1966 remark, wherein he off-handedly said that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus himself. 

Alongside, the alleged contradiction of the singer-songwriter preaching love and peace when he himself was surrounded by a lot of wealth and possessions, did not go down well with Chapman. Heavily inspired by the controversial 1950s novel 'The Catcher in the Eye', he is said to have planned John Lennon's assassination over a few years but has later confessed that he targeted him only out of "convenience".  

On the fateful night of 1980, Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon four times from close range, twice in the back and twice in the shoulder. 

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