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Jurm ending explained - Who killed Ayla Nadeem and why

Jurm ending explained -  Mehreen Jabbar’s crime thriller miniseries traces the sensational kidnap and murder case of Ayla Nadeem.

Jurm ending explained - Who killed Ayla Nadeem and why
Jurm poster

Last Updated: 08.41 PM, Jun 05, 2024


Wahaj Ali, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, and Tooba Siddiqui star in lead roles in this Pakistani thriller Jurm that has a surprising twist.  Mehreen Jabbar’s crime thriller brings the power duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi as the producers.

Jurm plot

The miniseries traces the sensational kidnap and murder case of Ayla Nadeem, who is married to Daniyal, the billionaire son of the business tycoon. However, tragedy strikes the young couple when a romantic evening turns into a nightmare as some criminals attack them, leading to Ayla’s murder. Who is the real killer, and what was the ulterior motive, form the crux of the story. The series centers around the murder investigation that unfolds the shocking love triangle between Ayla, Daniyal, and Samia.

Who killed Ayla in Jurm?

Jurm, as the name suggests, revolves around the crime that led to an innocent woman’s death. The web of love triangle, betrayals, family drama, and greed is what makes up the rest of the story in this miniseries. In the end, after a series of continuous twists and turns, Ayla’s twisted murder mystery case takes a gripping turn as it is revealed that the mastermind of the plan is the driver, who hatched this kidnapping plan for money. Thus, delinking Daniyal and Samia’s involvement in the crime.

Jurm poster
Jurm poster

In the climax scene, the flashback scenes showcase how Daniyal’s driver planned the kidnapping to extort money, but due to the botched-up execution, his plan backfires, and he, along with two of his teammates, ends up kidnapping Ayla. However, he kills her in a fit of rage after she identifies him by removing his mask.

The story then switches back to the present, where the driver is locked up in jail and narrates the entire incident to his wife, who visits him in the cell. She unwittingly gets his confession after lying that his crime partners have already surrendered.

How the open ending reflects on new beginnings

Jurm is a sharply scripted miniseries that keeps you hooked to the story till the ending, as the viewers keep guessing who is the killer in this tangled mystery.


Jurm’s open ending suggests that both Daniyal and Samia have closure with their intertwined fates as they decide to start afresh.

Jurm also reflects on social stigmas and media sensationalism as we witness how a social media reporter’s coverage tends to shift the audience's focus towards the suspects, as both Daniyal and Samia appeared to be guilty despite their innocence and lack of evidence. All thanks to Daniyal’s mother, who hatched a meticulous plan to get the confession from the real mastermind, i.e., the driver.

In the last episode’s conversation, both Daniyal and Samia look beyond their troubled pasts, where they suddenly became guilty in everyone’s eyes due to the tragic death of Ayla. However, they prove their innocence by being honest about their past relationship and apologising to everyone who was hurt by their actions. In the last scene, Daniyal and Samia smile at each other as they share their thoughts on life and the second chance to begin again. The open ending hints that they might have accepted each other’s presence and may also begin a relationship in the future despite their age gap and status differences.

Jurm is currently available to watch on YouTube.

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