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Just To See You - Here's where and when you can watch the moving Chinese drama on streaming in India

Just To See You is a 2020 release Chinese drama that is now coming back for the Indian audience on streaming. 

Just To See You - Here's where and when you can watch the moving Chinese drama on streaming in India

Last Updated: 09.42 PM, Jun 11, 2024


In the past many days, if you have been hooked to OTTplay, we have recommended many foreign language titles to watch on streaming and we hope they are helping you. We have spoken about Korean dramas, Hindi, regional, Bulgarian, German, and many other industries and their movies and shows that must be watched by you and devoted. Today we thought of bringing to you something completely different and again a very nuanced show from a niche industry that deserves your attention. Today we talk about Just To See You aka Fate. 

Just To See You On Streaming

Just To See You aka Fate is a Chinese drama series that released back in 2020 and was labelled the Best Chinese Love Story of that year. It is about unfulfilled love, bonding, longing, and what happens when your past love comes back to haunt you. Is love always tragic? Or is there some scope that things will be alright? Let's find that out as Fate gets a second round of streaming in India this month. Read on to know everything you should about the same. 

Playflix holds a vast library of content ranging from Korean shows, films, and some other language content too. The beauty of the platform is that they offer English subtitles for most of their shoes and if that is not enough they even have a lot of their content dubbed into multiple Indian languages. The library ranges from rom-coms, to thrillers, to horror and you might be shocked to explore it. A romantic drama now joins the list with Just To See You and will be available to stream on the platform from June 28, 2024. Yes, it is not even a month away from now. 

About Just To See You

Xia Ran Ran is behind Lin Xiang An who is in love with Su Mo. But five years later, Xia Ran Ran is now Shao Ming Zhe's fiance but Su Mo is the ex-girlfriend he still has a place in his heart for. Xia Ran Ran never wants to meet Lin Xiang An again. While time has passed, her memory is still stuck in the past. Can she remove him from her heart and mind? Her relationship with Shao Ming Zhd is because of the bond their families share. They have always accompanied each other both never love but will this obsession be her drug? 

The official synopsis of Fate reads, “Love is like poppy, breathtakingly beautiful yet fatal. Chen Luo is her father's right-hand man; he's tried to approach her, only for her to step away again and again. However, no matter how iron-hearted she is, will she be able to escape from the web of love he cast? Who will be the leading man in her life and her partner in this unending romance play? This drama is based on Xian Cheng's novel of the same name.” 

Just To See You will release on Playflix on June 28 and you can watch it with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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