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Kaatera new single - Mellifluous 'Anuraagava Kalisalu' is all about adolescent love

'Kaatera', set to release in theatres on December 29, stars Darshan Thoogudeepa, Aradhana Ram and others

Kaatera new single - Mellifluous 'Anuraagava Kalisalu' is all about adolescent love
Still from 'Kaatera'

Last Updated: 01.59 PM, Dec 28, 2023


Team 'Kaatera' has released three distinctive tracks from the album already and with only a day to go before the grand theatrical release of the film, the fourth song or single from the film has dropped.

If the first two singles from 'Kaatera' highlighted the romance or the love story that exists between Darshan and Aradhana Ram's characters, the latest fourth song reveals another dimension of this on-screen relationship. 

Titled 'Anuraagava Kalisalu', the song is a mellifluous number whose lyrics bring out the essence of the love story in 'Kaatera' and the visuals of the lyrical video suggest that the song is centred around the adolescent versions of the characters. Yogaraj Bhat's lyrics, which have been rendered by Vaani Harikrishna, focus on the girl/woman in the relationship singing praise for the male character, with the rustic village setting serving as a great backdrop.


'Kaatera', of course, is a story that unfolds in the 1970s with Darshan's character (as suggested by the trailer of the film) playing a blacksmith in it. The film, while being a commercial entertainer, tackles the farmers' issues as the protagonist leads the oppressed villagers against tyranny and helps them get their due. 

'Kaatera' is set to release in theatres on December 29 and shows start as early as 12:05 am on the day, which fascinatingly are already sold out. Challenging Star Darshan began 2023 with 'Kranti' which did not necessarily live up to expectations so, his fans are hoping that he concludes the year with a bang through 'Kaatera'. And by the looks of it, he seems in "good form" to deliver and reaffirm his status as the "last-standing" Kannada superstar. 

The cast of 'Kaatera' also includes Shruti, Kumar Govind, Avinash, Vijanath Biradar and others. 

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