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Kabzaa star Upendra to R. Chandru: 'Since you say the film has made money, you must make Kabzaa 2 now'

At the recently held success meet of Kabzaa, Upendra brought up the topic of Kabzaa 2

Kabzaa star Upendra to R. Chandru: 'Since you say the film has made money, you must make Kabzaa 2 now'
Upendra on Kabzaa 2

Last Updated: 12.44 PM, Mar 20, 2023


Kabzaa's box office has evoked a lot of curiosity among netizens and industry pundits. On the one hand, many trade sites claim that the film has only managed to collect close to Rs. 20 crores over the first two days of its release, underlining the fact that it's been an underwhelming start for team Kabzaa. Simultaneously, one encounters reports of the film already being part of the Rs. 100 crore club and declaring it a blockbuster in the same vein. Team Kabzaa, too, has almost confirmed these claims by organizing a 'success meet' on Sunday, March 19th.

It's a carefully worded claim, mind you, wherein it announces that Kabzaa has 'entered the Rs. 100 crore club' instead of saying 'the film has collected Rs. 100 crores at the box office'. The entry to the Rs. 100 crore club could also be through the combined collections of the satellite & digital rights and also the box office, but the 'reports' floating around don't mention that clearly.

At the same success meet, R. Chandru was joined by his film's leading man Upendra, his crew members and fellow producer K.P. Sreekanth. A visibly emotional Chandru spoke at length about the journey he has made to this point and discussed some of the rejections he had to face along the way. Upendra, too, highlighted that part of his life and congratulated him on the success. In the same vein, he voluntarily referred to another important topic: that of Kabzaa 2.

In the concluding moments of Kabzaa, R. Chandru emphatically announces that Kabzaa 2 would take off with Shiva Rajkumar headlining it (most likely). However, the filmmaker has also refrained from speaking confidently about the making of the sequel, leaving many in doubt about its development.

Speaking about Kabzaa 2 at the success meet, Upendra said, "We come across so many success meet events of late that you don't any more whether a film is a success or actually a failure. But there are a few genuine success meet events and I feel I witnessed one such today. R. Chandru has disclosed in a very frank manner that the film is successful for many different reasons. But, I feel you now have a bigger responsibility when it comes to part 2. The audience has come to the theatres with a lot of expectations and you have left them at a cliffhanger, with all three of us (Upendra, Kiccha Sudeep and Shiva Rajkumar). You have to make part 2 at least 10 times as good and you have that responsibility now. Everyone's waiting and you must make it now because you have disclosed that you have made money!".

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