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Kangana Ranaut unveils the Hindi trailer of Razakar: The Silent Genocide of Hyderabad

Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram earlier today to post her look and experience of the event as well as Razakar’s trailer. Film critic Taran Adarsh also announced the news and shared the clip.

Kangana Ranaut unveils the Hindi trailer of Razakar: The Silent Genocide of Hyderabad

Kangana Ranaut launches the Hindi trailer of Razakar bedecked in a stunning blue saree.

Last Updated: 09.44 PM, Feb 10, 2024


Kangana Ranaut launched the Hindi trailer of Razakar in a launch event in Mumbai earlier today. The actress was pretty impressed by the “dedication and passion that went into making this film”. She also took to her Instagram to share a post about her look and also posted several stories with it. However, the Fashion actress was kind enough to also give a shoutout to the film in her Instagram story.

Kangana Ranaut’s shoutout to team Razakar

Among the numerous stories featuring her ethereal blue saree look, Kangana Ranaut also shared a snap of her speaking at the trailer launch event, while the team of Razakar accompanied her on stage. She urged netizens to watch the film in her story. She asserted that she was a fan of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ji, and thus accepted the honorary gesture of unveiling the trailer for the media.

One of her Kangana Ranaut's stories
One of her Kangana Ranaut's stories

Taran Adarsh’s announcement of Razakar

The actress concluded by thanking the team for inviting her and congratulating the entire team. Film critic Taran Adarsh also shared the news on Twitter, along with further nitty gritty details, such as the languages and release date of the film. Razakar will be released in six languages, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Release date and Hindi trailer of Razakar

Produced by Gudur Narayana Reddy, Razakar is a multi-lingual Indian film that explores the mass genocide of Hindus by the state authority that gripped the Deccan region in the aftermath of India’s Partition. Directed by Yata Satyanaryana, the film will enjoy a theatrical release across India on March 1, 2024.


The film’s trailer not only paints a convincing picture of the political machinations brewing in Hyderabad, in a desperate attempt to be ‘Turkistan’ with Pakistan’s help, and not accede to India and be a part of Hindustan. The result? Forcefully mass convert the commoners, with as much force and brutality required, from public gang rape of all women, to dropping men, genital-first, upon a saw, to crushing children to death with rocks. 

Razakar’s Hindi trailer paints a strong story of resistance against such imposed decimation of Hindus, both by the commoners and by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, then-PM of India. From the active hostile resistance pitted against the scheming Nizam’s authority by the ordinary people, to Sardar Patel’s shrewd political moves, Razakar promises an intriguing plot and a sincere execution with its Hindi trailer.

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