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Kannada mini series Colors: Rishab Shetty Films was gracious enough to present it, says director Shreekara Bhat

Colors, a 6-part mini series, is a love story that explores colour blindness and acceptance

Kannada mini series Colors: Rishab Shetty Films was gracious enough to present it, says director Shreekara Bhat
Ashwitha Hegde and Chethan Kumar in the Kannada mini-series Colors

Last Updated: 03.14 PM, May 28, 2024


A journalism graduate, Shreekara Bhat developed an interest in filmmaking when he worked as an anchor for a local TV channel in his hometown Udupi. But it was only after he moved to Bengaluru and found a job that he began experimenting with short films. His biggest venture, to day, is a Kannada mini series called Colors, which is being presented by Rishab Shetty Films and will be available to stream on May 30.


“One of my short films, Glycerin, came out on PRK Audio a few months ago, and a few others are currently in the festival circuit. When I made Colors, the total content had a run-time of about 54 minutes and I figured that putting it out as one film on any platform would not gather any traction, primarily because of its length. That’s when the idea of splitting it up into multiple parts came up. 6 episodes of 9-10 minutes each would give us some extent of traction. We pitched this to Rishab Shetty Films (RSF) and they liked the content. In fact, they’d liked Glycerin too, but by then it was already set to be on another channel. I had a door open with RSF for some other content and that’s how Colors is coming on their channel on May 30,” explains the filmmaker, who has also written the story.

But why didn’t Shreekara approach any local Kannada OTT platforms to push his content? “It is very unlikely that audiences will watch the content of a very new team on any other platform. On YouTube, chances of people watching it are higher. Also, the fact that we are associated with Rishab Shetty Films will also ensure better reach. People would want to see what Rishab Shetty is presenting,” he reasons.

Chethan Kumar in a still from Colors
Chethan Kumar in a still from Colors

Colors stars Chethan Kumar D, who was also in Glycerin, and Ashwitha Hegde in the lead and is the love story of a man who is colour blind. “We have explored Colour Blindness as a concept, but eventually it is about acceptance. In the story, the hero is insecure about approaching the heroine and the series explores that dynamic and how she then makes him see that it is okay to be however he is,” explains Shreekara.

Director and writer Shreekara Bhat
Director and writer Shreekara Bhat

All 6-episodes of Colors will drop on Rishab Shetty Films’ official YouTube page on May 30.

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