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Kannagi - 5 reasons to watch Keerthi Pandian’s social drama on the big screen

Kannagi - starring Keerthi Pandian, Ammu Abhirami, Vidya Pradeep and Shaalin Zoya - is slated to be released on December 15

Kannagi - 5 reasons to watch Keerthi Pandian’s social drama on the big screen

Last Updated: 06.04 PM, Dec 11, 2023


Keerthi Pandian starrer Kannagi is an upcoming social drama that also features Ammu Abhirami, Vidya Pradeep and Shaalin Zoya in key roles. Directed by Yashwanth Kishore, the movie is set to hit the cinemas on December 15. The upcoming film’s trailer showcased an intriguing plot, hinting at a social thriller revolving around the lives of four women from different parts of society. The movie has already created buzz on social media with its promising trailer and posters. 


As the film gears up release, here are five reasons that make Kannagi a must-watch:

1. Relevant storyline

Kannagi explores the lives of four women, who are struggling with societal expectations and patriarchal norms. The film delves deeper into contemporary issues surrounding arranged marriage, live-in relationships, abortion and divorce, making it a socially relevant and thought-provoking narrative. The trailer showcases intense performances by the actors.


2. A stellar female-led cast

With a stellar female-led cast - featuring Keerthi, Ammu, Vidya and Shaalin - the trailer of Kannagi promises powerful performances that will project the challenges faced by women from different walks of life. The cast’s ability to portray the complexities of their characters with such conviction makes the film an interesting watch.

3. Different directorial approach

Directed by YouTuber-turned-filmmaker Yashwanth, Kannagi offers a fresh perspective on the struggles of women in modern society. Yashwanth’s approach, along with a hyperlink narrative connecting the lives of the four protagonists, adds a unique style of storytelling to the film.

4. Gripping cinematography

Going by the trailer, it is evident that Kannagi offers an intense environment through its storyline. This tension is amplified by the brilliant cinematography, which is handled by Ramji. The gripping visuals and timed cuts makes it an interesting drama to watch on the big screen.

5. Talented crew

With editing done by K Sarathkumar and music scored by Shaan Rahman, Kannagi is expected to deliver a captivating cinematic experience. The collaboration of talented professionals in the film’s technical aspects increases the overall quality of the movie.

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