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Kantara: Following massive demand, Rishab Shetty film to be now a pan-India release!

Rishab Shetty and Hombale Films have been urged by audiences and distributors from all over to re-release the film in the dubbed form

Kantara: Following massive demand, Rishab Shetty film to be now a pan-India release!
A still from Kantara
  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 05.07 AM, Oct 05, 2022


Rishab Shetty is over the moon right now. The actor-director is currently busy with media interactions following the unprecedented success of his passion project Kantara and has been sharing interesting details related to the making of the film. Kantara released in cinema halls across the world on September 30 and has already yielded great results at the box office by collecting over Rs. 30 crores in the first five days alone.

So, in this vein, the subject of dubbing and releasing the film in multiple languages has come to the fore. Kantara was always intended to be a Kannada release alone and despite the language barrier, the film has been performing tremendously well in all the different regions through the aid of English subtitles. However, thanks to the relentless growth of the film audiences have now urged the makers to turn Kantara into a true-blue pan-India film and release it in different languages.

"Everyone wished for the film to be a pan-India release after the teaser came out but both Hombale Films and I wanted to see the film reach audiences as a Kannada film. I am grateful that my producers made that happen without any qualms and to make things better, we are witnessing a consistent growth in the number of shows across the world. However, many have enquired and urged us to dub & release Kantara in other languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. because audiences aren't comfortable with subtitles and would rather wish to experience the film in their respective languages. And luckily, multiple distributors and exhibitors too have come forward to support us in this cause. So, one can expect Hombale Films to make a special announcement regarding this in a matter of two days," said Rishab Shetty at a recent media gathering to confirm that Kantara will be shortly dubbed and released in various other languages.

Quite indeed, this could be seen as a special feat for the makers as rarely does a film, that is made and released entirely in vernacular, receive this kind of attention. Following a modest start to the proceedings on the opening day, Kantara gained tremendous traction and is now on course to be a massive commercial success. Should the upcoming dubbed releases fare similarly at the box office, the film will end up as one of the biggest of the year. More updates to follow soon.