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Kapil Sharma recalls Shah Rukh Khan asking, 'Drugs leta hai?' on the comedian canceling a shoot

Kapil Sharma recalls dealing with alcoholism. 

Kapil Sharma recalls Shah Rukh Khan asking, 'Drugs leta hai?' on the comedian canceling a shoot
Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma

Last Updated: 11.04 AM, Mar 15, 2023


Kapil Sharma has been very honest about his drinking problem, which has made his anxiety and sadness worse. He acknowledged that there was a time when he didn't want to get out of bed and commute to work. During this period, Kapil had a bad reputation in the industry for having erratic behavior that frequently caused shoots to be delayed.

AajTak asked Kapil whether any of the major movie stars who came as guests on his show took offense when he didn't show up or kept them waiting during the interview. Kapil acknowledged that his mental health caused work problems but insisted that no one was offended. He remembers Shah Rukh Khan's response when Kapil abruptly canceled a shoot with him.

He said in Hindi that when one is inebriated, they are confident, but when one is sober, reality sets in. It's his fault since he used to drink to comfort himself. Kapil recounted a time when he postponed an event for which he had spent millions of rupees because he was unable to carry it through. He was questioned about the reactions of Hollywood stars to his treatment of them.

Kapil said that nobody became furious. His show's structure prevents him from being late even if he tried. Several parts need to be recorded throughout the day. Well, there have been instances where he has backed out at the last minute because he didn't think he could follow through. Shah Rukh Khan met him three or four days after his filming was cancelled. The superstar had visited the same studio for a purpose.

Kapil shared that perhaps he recognized what was going on because he was an artist. After all, he is a superstar and has experienced everything in this business. SRK summoned him to his car, where they sat and spoke for an hour. The Pathaan star asked Kapil, "Drugs leta hai?" He informed him that although he doesn't do drugs, he no longer has the desire to work. Shah Rukh offered him advice and said some really lovely things. But this is one of those circumstances that one cannot change unless they want to.

Kapil said that he finally got over his melancholy after almost two years when his wife had him go to Europe with her and he was reminded of what normal life used to be like. Kapil later made a comeback to television, and this week he will appear in Zwigato, his first film in a number of years.

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