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Karan Anshuman on directing Rana Naidu: This is easily the biggest show I have done so far

Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati are the stars of the Indian adaptation of the well-known American TV show Ray Donovan, titled Rana Naidu.

Karan Anshuman on directing Rana Naidu: This is easily the biggest show I have done so far
Karan Anshuman/Instagram

Last Updated: 08.21 AM, Mar 05, 2023


After The Inside Edge and Mirzapur did well, writer-director Karan Anshuman was looking for something bigger to put his name on. It took the form of Rana Naidu, the Rana Daggubati-led Indian remake of the well-liked American television series Ray Donovan. Rana's famous uncle Venkatesh also stars in the action series, which tells the story of a father and son who turn against each other in a high-stakes situation.

Anshuman starts by talking about how great it is to work on the show with Aaron Sunder and Suparn Varma. He tells Mid Day that this is without a doubt the largest show he has ever done. He now has a great deal of freedom to carry out tasks that he previously might not have been able to.

The director goes on to say that Netflix and his producers have faith in him and the writers to finish this project without changing the original idea. Every step in the production of a series is, in essence, a compromise. Anshuman was given the freedom to write and direct everything here, from the written concept to the financial plan.

The adaptation was difficult for someone who had never worked on a remake before. Although analogies are unavoidable, Anshuman had to make sure the script was unique and not just a copy of the original series.

It was crucial for them to feel a sense of ownership over the raw materials and to take pride in the products of their labour. They didn't have to pay attention to the ongoing parallels with the original. Anshuman affirms that they were successful in keeping it distinct from the source material.

He imparted that the primary obstacle was writing. Other than that, the more than 100 days of filming were a breeze.

Rana Naidu will premiere on Netflix on March 10, 2023.

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