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Karmma Calling- I am not surprised that Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth get along so well, says Ruchi Narain | EXCLUSIVE

Ruchi Narain, who is now all set to storm the digital space with her show ‘Karmma Calling’ starring Raveena Tandon, was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay

Karmma Calling- I am not surprised that Varun Sood and Namrata Sheth get along so well, says Ruchi Narain | EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 08.46 PM, Jan 17, 2024


Filmmaker Ruchi Narain is one of the independent directors who have ‘been there, done that’. Having an enviable repertoire of being a writer of many films (Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and others), as well as director (Hundred, Guilty and others), this lady is now all set to set new standards of story telling with her upcoming series ‘Karmma Calling’, which stars Raveena Tandon, Varun Sood, and Namrata Sheth in the lead roles. 

OTTplay caught up with Ruchi Narain for an exclusive interview, wherein she spoke about the flip side of being a woman director, her fondest memories of shooting ‘Karmma Calling’ amongst other things.

Ruchi, can you recall the most memorable incident during the shoot of Karmma Calling?
Every day, there was something or the other happening. We were shooting one of the big scenes of the last episode, which needed to have everyone present. It was an extremely important scene. It was one of the climatic types of scenes. The time was well past midnight. I really don’t know who it was and how it happened, but someone got a giggle! And, this giggle caught on with the crew members like a wildfire. And eventually, every time we used to say ‘action’, while the actors used to tell their lines... one person would laugh and others would start laughing as well! 

What about Raveena Tandon? Was she too present there?
Not just Raveena… There were Namrata Sheth, Varun Sood and many others. Namrata had tears rolling down her eyes because of laughing so much. Varun and Raveena, who were trying to keep a serious face, just could not do that, as they too would burst out laughing. I literally had to shout at them for me to get the shot right. It was exactly 4 in the morning that we got the perfect shot! Post that, I also had one more shot before the sun came up! All in all… it was nothing less than a riot!

The world has gone digital now. Was there any 'digital usage' in Karma Calling?
When ‘Revenge’ was being made, there was no social media. That’s why, in ‘Karma Calling’, I have kept a completely social media drive track, which is missing in ‘Revenge’.

Generally, it's observed that, if two actors who are a couple in real life, gets translated into reel life as well. Did you see that magic in Varun Sood and Namrata as well?
Well… I am not saying that they are a couple. All I can say is that they have a great onscreen chemistry, and in terms of values, they are very similar to each other! They both are very nice people. That’s why I am not surprised that they get along so well.

Are there any flip side of being a woman director?
To begin with, people always have lots of things to say when they get to know it’s a woman director. Let me also tell you that, being a woman, one does not get the same kind of opportunity (like the men). That’s why, its definitely important to hang in there for longer. And the ones who can’t, then, don’t get the opportunity. I am still around despite the fact that I had to wait for so many things for so many years. One keeps pushing…. and after a decade a magic happens!

What after Karma Calling?
There’s a film which I am going to direct. There is one show that I am doing through my production company. There are quite a few things in the pipeline. We are hoping and banking on the second season and the subsequent seasons of ‘Karma Calling’.

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