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Karmma Calling- It was Raveena Tandon who suggested the title, reveals director Ruchi Narain| EXCLUSIVE

OTTplay caught up with the super confident ‘woman director’ of the much talked about series Karmma Calling for an exclusive interview

Karmma Calling- It was Raveena Tandon who suggested the title, reveals director Ruchi Narain| EXCLUSIVE
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Last Updated: 06.11 PM, Jan 17, 2024


Ruchi Narain has been a part of entertainment arena for many years now. She has been a part of many successful projects (as a writer) like Calcutta Mail, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and others and as a director in projects like Hundred, Guilty and now the much talked about Karmma Calling that stars Raveena Tandon, Varun Sood, Namrata Sheth in prominent roles.
OTTplay caught up with the filmmaker par excellence for an exclusive interview in which she spoke ‘all that you wanted to know’ about Karmma Calling! So, it’s over to you, Ruchi…

To start with, Ruchi, in a nutshell what’s the series Karmma Calling all about?
The series is an adaptation of an American show titled ‘Revenge’. I simply loved the show right from the first frame and ... I still love it. Its spacy and amazingly entertaining. The moment I saw that, I really thought that this was great content to be having its Indian adaptation.


Carry on…
We have so much diversity in our country, which we celebrate. It’s the world of the super., super rich. It’s more like the lifestyle of the rich and famous who are very well travelled and westernised. It is this confluence that attracted me towards it. At the heart of it, it’s all about the family!

Why the title Karma Calling? Was that the only title that you always had in your mind or it was shortlisted amongst any other titles?
When we started the shooting, we were referring it to as ‘Badla’. That’s why the most obvious thing would have been ‘Badla. But we definitely did not want to go down that route. But, the idea to adapt the whole thing was itself more exciting to work on. In our culture, the ultimate revenge is karma. I always knew that I wanted to have that in the title.

We heard that it was Raveena Tandon’s brainwave for the title…
And, after a lot of brainstorming, and, if I am not mistaken it was suggested by Raveena Tandon. After hearing a lot many names, when we heard this title of ‘Karmma Calling’, all of us thought that it just could not get better than this!

What was the reason to cast the following actors?

Raveena Tandon
She was the one and the only choice. Right from the day one, I was keen on her and only her playing the role.

Varun Sood
The moment I saw his audition tape, I knew that he was the perfect fit for the character that I had in my mind! There is definitely something about him that is so very endearing.

Namrata Sheth
After an intense search, we were still searching for someone to play Karma Talwar. My brief for the character was that, she should be as vulnerable as her eyes and her actions should be incongruous to what energy she is giving out. After taking her audition, I met her and fell in love with her because I knew that I had found the character I was searching for!

Waluscha De Sousa
She looks amazing. And when she came to meet me, what I saw in her eyes that she had already decided that she is going to nail the part! She has lot of fire in her. I hardly had to direct her, because she had thoroughly done her homework! And also, she never used to sit in the vanity van. Rather, she used to sit on the sets. She was always in the zone of her character.

Vikramjeet Virk
When I saw his audition, he was everything I was looking for! That’s when I thought that I have fond the man I wanted for his character.

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