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Karthik Gowda Exclusive | 'We wanted Kiccha Sudeep sir to direct because he came up with the idea'

Karthik Gowda of KRG Studios talks to OTTplay about how King Kichcha or KK came together and how they got Kiccha Sudeep to direct it.

Karthik Gowda Exclusive | 'We wanted Kiccha Sudeep sir to direct because he came up with the idea'
Karthik Gowda on getting Sudeep to direct

Last Updated: 03.16 PM, Sep 05, 2023


Kiccha Sudeep and KRG Studios sprung a nice surprise on everyone very recently when they announced that their upcoming collaboration (their first one, in fact) will mark the return of Sudeep, the director. Many would know that the 50-year-old actor has already directed six films in the past but his most recent one, Maanikya, came as many as nine years ago.

So, with this in mind, the upcoming Sudeep-KRG film, titled KK or 'King Kichcha', is by all means a 'comeback' project for the former, who looks more proactive than ever at the moment as an artist.

"KK is based on Sudeep's sir's idea"

But considering that Sudeep hadn't shown a lot of keenness to return to the director's chair and also that he is brimmed currently with acting gigs, one wonders how KRG Studios managed to convince him to take up King Kichcha. Karthik Gowda, co-founder of KRG, tells OTTplay that the whole convincing exercise was part of the process of developing the project and that getting Kiccha Sudeep to direct it wasn't as difficult as one would imagine.


"I mean, we had wanted to work with each other for quite some time so, several directors were considered along the way. On the other hand, we were also looking for stories. Luckily, Sudeep sir himself suggested an idea, more like a one-liner, over a casual dinner session and once that clicked, we got it developed by another writer. Now, we needed a filmmaker to take this up but I was always of the opinion that since it is his idea, then he would be the right guy to direct it as well. I just felt that he would have a lot more clarity to bring that to life. He did initially agree but with the condition that if we were to find another director who's better suited for it, then he would give up that responsibility. But as the story developed, both Yogi [G. Raj] and I felt that he was meant to direct this. That is how it fell into place," says Karthik Gowda.

And when will Sudeep take the film on floors?

Sudeep, of course, is currently shooting for Kichcha 46, whose title was revealed to be Max very recently with a special teaser. That film is being shot in Mahabalipuram under the direction of debutant Vijay Karthikeya and based on the teasers and other promotional material released so far, the film will be an out-and-out commercial entertainer. Sudeep is also beefing up physically for the role and again, as the teaser reveals, there will be a lot of bloodshed and action in the film.

He has also signed Kichcha 47 with Sathya Jyothi Films and the project will be helmed by Tamil screenwriter and director Cheran. So, where does this leave King Kichcha?

"We are aiming to get started on the film once he is done with Kichcha 46 or Max and then Kichcha 47. So, you could expect our film KK to go on floors sometime in mid-2024 but the pre-production and other work involved will begin well in advance," shares Karthik Gowda, who describes the film, which is a co-production of KRG Studios & Kichcha Creations, as a slick gangster drama with lots of action.

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