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KGF 2: Fans, social media tear into Venkatesh Maha with new hashtags & trends

Talented filmmaker Venkatesh Maha's recent not-so-cryptic comments regarding KGF have drawn the ire of social media which now refuses to settle down

KGF 2: Fans, social media tear into Venkatesh Maha with new hashtags & trends
Venkatesh Maha's comments were uncalled for? Or are we being a bit too sensitive?

Last Updated: 08.48 PM, Mar 06, 2023


Earlier today (March 6th), if you landed on Twitter on your usual digital stroll, you may have been slightly surprised to find KGF 2 trending. The film, despite being almost two years old, still commands the attention of social media, no doubt, but the reason for it to suddenly gain traction is quite interesting. So, when you do try to dig deeper, you are likely to find Telugu filmmaker and actor Venkatesh Maha associated with it and following a few initial scrolls, the reason reveals itself to be a bit unsavoury.

Turns out, the young and talented filmmaker made a few iffy & trivial comments about a film and the reeking silliness in its plot. He wouldn't the film, however, but a few key references such as 'mother & son' and goldmine became spoilers as social media picked it up in no time that has was talking about the much-loved KGF: Chapter 2. Venkatesh Maha was part of a roundtable discussion at the time of this lethal faux pas with fellow Telugu filmmakers Nandini Reddy, Mohan Krishna Indraganti, Vivek Athreya and Shiva Nirvana sitting alongside. The fact that the remaining four were indulging the C/O Kancherapalem director, too, irked netizens who pulled them up accordingly.

Since the time the clip went viral, fans of Rocking Star and the staunch admirers of KGF 2 have not minced their words in expressing their anger and fury, with many even threatening Venkatesh Maha in their own ways. "This cra* film director, unprofessional clown @mahaisnotanoun was spoken sarcastically about KFI pride KGF movie story and the #PrashanthNeel and #YashBoss character. He must apologize for his statement," said a verified Twitter user, echoing the sentiments of many others. 

To make things worse, Venkatesh Maha became part of yet another Twitter trend that referred to him in a not-so-pleasant manner. Netizens accused him of being an attention seeker and also insecure and on priority, demanded an apology from him.

"Liking or not liking #KGF2's climax is a subjective matter. But this # (hashtag) is a warning to whoever tries to ridicule #KGF2 or any other movie from #KFI for their 2 seconds of fame," said another Twitter user.

In the same vein, KGF: Chapter 2, Prashanth Neel and Yash, too, have cropped up with fans raving about the film's success. 

Well, things have certainly flared up within no time for Venkatesh Maha but one hopes that it all subsides soon. While his comments may seem out of place and uncalled for, the views expressed are still personal - he could have chosen a more tasteful way of expressing himself, perhaps? 

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