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KGF 2: Prashanth Neel's this response invalidates Anger Tales actor Venkatesh Maha's jibe at Yash's Rocky

Telugu director-director Venkatesh Maha came under fire after expressing strong comments against Yash's KGF 2.  

KGF 2: Prashanth Neel's this response invalidates Anger Tales actor Venkatesh Maha's jibe at Yash's Rocky
KGF 2 was one of the biggest hits of 2022.

Last Updated: 01.21 PM, Mar 08, 2023


Telugu director-director Venkatesh Maha stirred up a hornet's nest after airing his candid, no holds barred, take on director Prashanth Neel's blockbuster movie, KGF: Chapter 2. In a recent interview, Venkatesh made some strong comments against Yash's Rocky and he questioned the morality of the character's mother who asks him to get rich at any cost. 

"In this movie I don’t want to name, I want to meet this utterly selfish woman who advises her son to amass wealth through whichever means. She wants him to rule the world. We celebrate the hero and laud his efforts when he builds narrow cubicles for people who dig up gold for him. He takes all that gold to the seat and gets buried in it. What are we telling our audience? Why is the audience making these films big hits?," said an overexcited Venkatesh, who will be next seen in the upcoming web series Anger Tales

He further criticized the film's hero describing him as a "lowly, mean dog." And it didn't take the fans of KGF to connect the dots. Soon Venkatesh, who was known for his directorial debut C/o Kancharapalem, came under a lot of fire. Many fans expressed outrage at his comments. 

In the wake of Venkatesh's comments, an old interview with Prashanth Neel is going viral. Prashanth's awareness of the questionable morality of his main characters invalidates Venkatesh's criticism of the movie. 

"Her (the mother's) influences in her life and her frustration in her life, the last moment she throws it on her son. No mother will tell her son that. But, all her frustration. She has seen so much hardship in her life and she is dying just because of money. The one thing that she remembers about her life is money. She says I don't care how you live your life but when you're dying you should have all the money," Prashanth said in the interview. 

Prashanth said that he knew that the mother was making "very, very irresponsible statements" throughout the film. He also gave the example of Rocky's mother asking him to go to "fights alone and not with a gang."  

"I'm talking about a character. I'm not here to preach," he added. "The result of that is Rocky goes on to do so many big things. And because he's doing such big things, the mother is also getting highlighted. If he ended up being nothing whatever the mother said wouldn't have made sense." 

The KGF franchise tells the tale of an orphan who becomes the most notorious mob boss in the country after he takes control of gold fields in Kolar. He goes to great lengths to amass power and wealth to fulfil his mother's dying wish. The two-part crime drama became a huge hit across the country, especially in Telugu states. The film's worldwide collection is pegged at over Rs 1200 crore. 

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