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Khadaan: John Bhattacharya replaces Bonny Sengupta, makes a late entry to the team

Dev and Jisshu U Sengupta have been busy shooting the film around Bengal.

Khadaan: John Bhattacharya replaces Bonny Sengupta, makes a late entry to the team
John Bhattacharya joins Dev and Jisshu U Sengupta in Khadaan

Last Updated: 04.08 PM, Mar 19, 2024


Dev and Jisshu U Sengupta are roaming across the Bengal as they shoot for the highly anticipated film, Khadaan. The film delves into the coal mining area and focuses on the friendship between Dev and Jisshu’s character. 

OTTplay was the first to report that the film will feature Jisshu U Sengupta, along with Dev, in a pivotal character. It was also reported that Bonny Sengupta was supposed to play another key character. However, it was learnt that Bonny will not play the character. Instead, John Bhattacharya will be playing the character that has a lot of layers. According to sources, the actor has wrapped his first schedule of shooting and another schedule is yet to be completed. 

Khadaan also features Idhika Paul and Barkha Bisht Sengupta. Jisshu plays the character of a Vaishnavite Khol player. In leaked videos of the shooting, it was seen that Jisshu was playing khol sitting on the pillion of Dev’s bike. 

The shooting started on February 16. The film has a long shooting schedule. The story will talk about the lives of the laborers in the coal mines, the politics of the area, and many other things. The story revolves around Shyam Mahato and Mohan Das, and their close friendship. 

Jisshu plays Mohan Das, a Vaishnavite. He used to sing kirtan at one point in time. Sneha Basu plays his wife. Shyam Mahato, originally from Purulia, comes to the place seeking work. The film tells the story of their relationship and the ups and downs in that. 

Barkha Bisht Sengupta will play Dev’s wife. Idhika Paul will play a special role. Anirban Chakraborty will also be in the film. The film is directed by Sujit Dutta and jointly produced by Dev Entertainment Ventures Limited and Surinder Films.

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