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Killers of the Flower Moon: 6 underrated films starring lead star Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has established himself as one of the finest actors. Some of his films have also slipped through the cracks and hardly received the attention that they truly deserved.

Killers of the Flower Moon: 6 underrated films starring lead star Leonardo DiCaprio

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Last Updated: 08.07 PM, Oct 23, 2023


Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has established himself as one of the finest actors of his generation. DiCaprio's enviable filmography, water-tight with power-packed performances, have elevated him to be considered in high regard by film enthusiasts across the globe. The Academy Award-winner has garnered immense praise for his turn as Earnest Buckhart in Martin Scorcese's latest film, Killers of the Flower Moon. DiCaprio’s riveting portrayals of iconic characters in films such as The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, Inception, The Revenant, and Django Unchained among others remain stellar examples of the potential of the craft. But some of his films have also slipped through the cracks and hardly received the attention or acknowledgement that they truly deserved. So for today’s List Hai Toh Hit Hai podcast, we take a look at some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most underrated films.

Marvin's Room - Amazon Prime VOD

A year before James Cameron’s Titanic propelled Leonardo DiCaprio to global stardom, he starred in the relatively lesser-known drama film called Marvin’s Room. In this film, he plays the role of a 17-year-old boy, who may have to be the donor for his aunt’s bone marrow transplant. The film revolves around a woman, who has dedicated her life to taking care of her bedridden father, only to one day discover that she may have leukemia. She seeks the help of her estranged sister and nephews aged 10 and 17. The film helmed by Jerry Zaks features a star-studded cast of Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Robert De Niro.


This Boy's Life - Amazon Prime Video

The 1993 film features two of Martin Scorsese’s frequent collaborators in lead roles – Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. This film marks the beginning of what is now dubbed one of Hollywood’s most celebrated onscreen collaborations as it is the first film where DiCaprio and De Niro actually shared the screen. De Niro plays the role of Dwight, an abusive stepfather to DiCaprio’s character Toby. The film follows the plight experienced by Toby and his mother Caroline, played by Ellen Barkin, as they desperately attempt to evade Dwight’s wrath. The film is directed by Michael Caton-Jones and also stars a young Tobey Maguire in a supporting role.

Body of Lies - Jio Cinema and on VOD on Google Play, Apple TV, Amazon Prime

A Ridley Scott spy thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe should have been the perfect recipe for a blockbuster hit. However, the 2008 film was met with a lukewarm reception. Despite its relatively poor reception, the film is a taut spy thriller that follows some of the familiar tropes synonymous with high-profile films of the genre. The film tells the story of a CIA operative who finds himself on a mission in Jordan to find a dangerous terrorist, whilst suspecting the true motives of his supervisors and the Jordanian intelligence. Mark Strong, Oscar Isscar, and Invasion star Golshifteh Farahani play prominent roles in the film.

The Beach - Apple TV, Google Play VOD

British filmmaker Danny Boyle’s 2000 film The Beach has garnered a cult following over the years. While it failed to impress the critics at the time of its release, it has been praised for its exploration of various themes of self-discovery and the ideas of a utopian paradise. The film revolves around a young man named Richard, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who discovers a secret map to a paradise island while visiting Bangkok. He embarks on a journey with his friends to find the mysterious destination. The film also stars Tilda Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen, Guillaume Canet, and Robert Carlyle in prominent roles.

The Man in the Iron Mask - Apple TV, Google Play VOD

Alexander Dumas’ classic tales and characters are brought to life on the silver screen by filmmaker Randall Wallace in the 1998 film The Man in the Iron Mask. The film is set in 17th-century France during the reign of King Louis XIV, who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The legendary four musketeers reunite to usurp the king and replace him with his twin brother, who has been locked up in a prison with an iron mask. Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Gérard Depardieu, and Gabriel Byrne play the roles of the musketeers.

Revolutionary Road - Apple TV VOD

Titanic lead stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet reunite for the 2008 romantic drama Revolutionary Road. Directed by Sam Mendes, the film is based on the eponymous novel by Richard Yates. It revolves around a married couple, Frank and April,  whose decision to move to France is derailed when April becomes pregnant. It soon leads to a fractured relationship as they attempt to navigate through the various complexities involving married life. The film also stars Michael Shannon, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour, and Kathy Bates in pivotal roles.

Well that's all we got for today's episode, until the next one it's your host Nikhil signing out.

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Written by Ryan Gomez

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