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Kiran Rao breaks silence on her divorce with Aamir Khan - 'The decision to end our marriage was...'

Kiran Rao opens up about co-oparenting and professional collaboration with Aamir Khan before the release of Laapataa Ladies.

Kiran Rao breaks silence on her divorce with Aamir Khan - 'The decision to end our marriage was...'
Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao

Last Updated: 07.37 PM, Feb 27, 2024


Actor Aamir Khan and producer Kiran Rao are currently busy promoting their upcoming film, Laapataa Ladies. For the uninitiated, they got married in 2005 and started working together on the film in the year 2018, however, they split in 2021, but continued to work together even after their divorce. 

In a recent interview with DNA, Kiran spoke about how they managed to maintain a separate personal as well as professional bond amidst the divorce. She revealed that they got the story for Laapataa Ladies in the year 2018 and they began writing it in 2020 and then Covid happened. Their entire divorce procedures took place during the filming and preproduction of the film. She said, "For most people, it is a period of upheaval, a tumultuous period. But for Aamir and me, it was exceedingly smooth." 


She further added that they were certain about their divorce but did not want to disturb their family and professional bond. "The decision to end our marriage was something we were sure we wanted to do in a way where it would not end any other familial, emotional or professional bonds that we had. So honestly, it did not play as much of a part," she said. 

Aamir and Kiran have been divorced for years now but they are still friends with each other. Explaining this, Kiran revealed, "For me, it’s been quite easy at some level to manage the separation of having both personal relationship that is no longer marriage as well as professional."

The producer said that she and Aamir wanted to change the definition of their relationship and end the social contract and hence they also worked on the same smoothly so their son Azaad is not affected by it. "We worked at it in a smooth way because we were conscious that Azaad should not be, in any way, traumatised by this public breakup,” she added. 

While many find it difficult to even face their other half after the divorce, Aamir and Kiran have set an example that friendships or familial ties still exist even if the relationship between two people doesn't work. Both of them still working together and being friends proves the maturity of their thoughts. 

Meanwhile, Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan's film Laapataa Ladies will release in theatres on March 1, 2024. 

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