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Kirti Kulhari to reprise her role in the sequel to Khichdi: The Movie, reveals details on returning to the comedy genre

The actor added that her comedic side will surprise the audience.

Kirti Kulhari to reprise her role in the sequel to Khichdi: The Movie, reveals details on returning to the comedy genre
Kirti Kulhari/Instagram

Last Updated: 10.05 AM, Feb 16, 2023


Kirti Kulhari was primarily seen in films with intense roles after making her Bollywood debut with the comedy film Khichdi: The Movie (2010). This year, though, the actor goes back to comedy with a couple of projects, including Khichdi 2, which takes her back to where she came from.

During an interaction with ETimes, Kirti stated that the thing about comedy is that good scripts are required; otherwise, where does one go to see good comedies? Surprisingly, 2023 is going to be her comedy year. In addition to Khichdi, she has Nayeka, which is her production venture and a dark comedy.

Kirti says of her first experience with a comedy film that when she was approached for the role in Khichdi: The Movie, the actor decided to prepare and do her homework. She met with director Aatish Kapadia and asked him how she should prepare for the film. He asked her to just come on the sets and have fun, which surprised her. It was liberating for Kirti because she comes from a theatre background and is used to working hard on a character. She saw the movie about ten times and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in the theatre with the audience and going berserk.

Kirti elaborates on her love for the genre as life comes full circle. The actor enjoys comedy, but not slapstick, in her opinion. Situational comedies appeal to her. As an actor, Kirti doesn't believe the assertion that comedy is more difficult than drama. Yes, comedy is more difficult than it appears. People believe that comedy is just faffing around, whereas real acting toh rone dhone mein aur intense scenes mein hoti hai, which is not correct, according to her. They both face unique challenges, and it is possible that a particular actor is incapable of doing comedy in the same way that others are. Kirti also believes that one cannot develop a sense of humour. It's not as if they are saying they want to learn how to do comedy. She believes that if one wants to be funny, one should be able to laugh at themselves.

When asked which female actors she thought excelled in comic roles, she cited Sridevi, who appeared in a number of hilarious comedies, including ChaalBaaz (1998). Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla have also excelled in this genre. Seema Pahwa has been outstanding in recent years. Supriya Pathak in Khichdi and Ratna Pathak Shah in Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai were also her favourites.

Kirti, who is excited to learn more about the genre, says that her comedic side will surprise the audience. The reason for this shift is that she no longer takes herself too seriously. She is not as inhibited and self-conscious as she once was. The actor has learned to let go over the years, and one can see it in Nayeka. She is glad that people can now see the lighter side of her.

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