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Kishore: Did not call KGF mindless; cannot judge a film I’ve not seen

The Kantara actor clarifies the context of his ‘misrepresented’ quote and adds that he’d have been happier if his comments on farmers’ issues got as much attention

Kishore: Did not call KGF mindless; cannot judge a film I’ve not seen
Kishore clarifies that his words on KGF were misrepresented

Last Updated: 09.53 AM, Jan 08, 2023


In his film career spanning almost two decades and over 100 films across Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, actor Kishore has perhaps never drawn as much attention as he has in the last couple of weeks. The actor, who is quite active on social media, often uses the platforms to highlight issues faced by farmers, given that he is quite the hands-on agriculturist himself. In doing so, he tends to be critical of the powers-that-be, who frame rules and regulations that are not farmer friendly. So, when his Twitter account was recently suspended, it was assumed that it was a reaction to something he’d said. His Twitter suspension was discussed widely, and while it was later clarified that it was a result of a hacking attempt, close on the heels of that came reports that he’d said something ‘unforgiveable’. Kishore, read the report based on an India Today interview of the actor, had apparently not only dubbed Yash’s KGF mindless, but also said that he’d not see such a film.

Kishore’s comments, as it turns out, were from a discussion about freedom of choice in the matter of Rashmika Mandanna, who gets trolled for anything she says or doesn’t about Kannada cinema. Taking to Instagram to clarify what had happened, Kishore wrote, “It is unforgivable on my part if any of my casual words get debated or waste people's time when there are so many real issues to discuss and act upon. Apologies for that. I would have been satisfied if there was so much discussion when I talked about farmers' problems. In any case, there was no intention to hurt anyone's feelings in those words, which somehow made its way between the discussion about freedom of choice in Rashmika issue. ‘Mindless’ is actually not my word. I don't know which word of mine the writer equated and used that word and what got lost in translation. In the same way that they have written ‘I have not seen’ to ‘I will not see’ according to their own will and wish. I, who has not seen the movie, cannot judge it by using such words. If I do, it will be wrong on my part. But as a viewer I have the freedom of taste and choice like everyone else. No one can push anyone in to or out of the theatre. Whether it is my film or any film. To sum it up, whether it is to my taste or not, I am happy for the success of KGF and have learned a lot from that success as a filmmaker, though my KGF would be very different.”

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