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Kohrra: Barun Sobti and Suvinder Vicky bring engaging investigative drama to Netflix's upcoming series

Clean Slate Filmz Productions has produced the upcoming series.

Kohrra: Barun Sobti and Suvinder Vicky bring engaging investigative drama to Netflix's upcoming series
Barun Sobti in a still from Kohrra

Last Updated: 12.21 PM, May 24, 2023


Kohrra, a new Netflix series, uses a murder investigation as a lens through which to examine dysfunctional family dynamics and the shadowy sides of love and relationships. Produced in association with acclaimed screenwriter Sudip Sharma, director Randeep Jha, and Clean Slate Filmz Productions, the film's plot revolves around the finding of an NRI's body in rural Punjab on the eve of his wedding. A web of falsehoods, hidden agendas, and family dysfunction emerges as the investigation progresses.

The actors in Kohrra, such as Suvinder Vicky, Barun Sobti, Varun Badola, Harleen Sethi, Rachel Shelly, and Manish Chaudhary, give the show an unrivalled sense of realism and nuance. Their mastery of nuanced emotional expression and commitment to fully inhabiting their characters make them ideal representatives of Kohrra's multifaceted and sophisticated setting. The show's fusion of Hindi and Punjabi gives it a genuine feel for the setting.

Netflix's collaboration with multiple-hit author Sudip Sharma and Clean Slate Filmz, under the direction of Karnesh Ssharma, produced Kohrra's realism, depth of character, and understanding of human emotion.

Creator Sudip Sharma said in a statement that when Gunjit Chopra and Diggi Sisodia came to him with the idea of Kohrra, he was drawn to the possibilities of a fresh and distinct cop investigative story underscored by the complexities of human emotions. They set out to make something that would hold one's interest during and after they saw it. Working with Netflix, Clean Slate Filmz, and an amazing ensemble, they were able to make a show that they think people will like.

Furthermore, Clean Slate Filmz CEO Karnesh Ssharma said they have had a long-standing relationship with Netflix and are really happy to collaborate with them once again on Kohrra. The interpersonal dynamics between the two police officers in charge of the case drive this criminal investigation drama, which takes place in rural Punjab. They are excited to share the genuine story that Sudip, Randeep, and the stellar ensemble have created with the world.

Tanya Bami, the series head of Netflix India, added that with the breakout success of titles like Delhi Crime, Khakee, and Rana Naidu, they know audiences love a compelling crime story. Kohrra, up next, offers a refreshingly original spin on this perennial favourite. It's a crime noir that takes place in Punjab and focuses on the complexities of love, family, and relationships. The unique delicacy and depth of Sudip Sharma's storytelling are on full display in this buddy cop drama. Once again, they are thrilled to be working with Clean Slate Filmz on a project that promises to captivate and please audiences.

Kohrra, which will be available on Netflix soon, peels back the curtain on a horrifying murder case.

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