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Kolonko on OTT- Here's when and where to watch the thrilling drama on murder and relationships

Kalanka is Sahana Dutta's latest creation, starring Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakrabarty. It is a crime drama that intertwines family dynamics and social relationships with symbolism and murder.

Kolonko on OTT- Here's when and where to watch the thrilling drama on murder and relationships
Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakrabarty in Kolonko

Last Updated: 10.58 AM, Jan 17, 2024


Abhimanyu Mukherjee is back to add another Hoichoi gem to his cap. After Petni and the Hello franchise, the director is back to create more magic onscreen, this time working side-by-side with long-time collaborator, writer-producer Sahana Dutta.

When and where to watch Kolonko

The former’s skill in making films and the latter’s in creating dynamic, well-structured plots and characters creates further excitement among fans, who know their collaborative merit from Hello. The duo is ready to serve Kolonko to fans on Hoichoi, January 19, 2024, onward.

Kolonko is a crime thriller with the added flavours of open infidelity, assumed acceptance and disastrous vengeance. The series will also explore the subtle dynamics in a family that are fragile and require care, lest they break apart. The show stars Raima Sen, Ritwick Chakrabarty, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Arjun Chakrabarty, and Srijla Guha in prominent roles.


What is the story of Kolonko?

Kolonko traces the story of Chaiti and Rangan, two college classmates, best friends, and lovers, who eventually got married and had two children. The loving couple had promised each other before marriage that they would always maintain honesty and never hide things, even if they liked someone else.

Twenty years passed blissfully before Rangan confessed to Chaiti that he had fallen for someone else, and it was much harder to digest than Chaiti had ever imagined. Though he does not tell her outright, he leaves little clues for her to figure out his ongoing rendezvous. But when blood and murder get involved, what happens to their crumbling marriage and once-happy family?

The trailer of Kolonko

The trailer for Kolonko dropped on January 8, 2024, and offered a classy view of the plot, along with some interesting symbolic clues. Since Sahana Dutta is an erudite above par in her field, her familiarity with Shakespeare, Lacan and Freud is no big deal. And we find little Easter eggs throughout the trailer itself, further tantalising fans of a promising season ahead.

The trailer opens and is interspersed with shots of unknown, but female, bloodied hands vigorously attempting to wash their hands under a running tap, desperate to remove all red stains. Is it not reminiscent of William Shakespeare’s infamous handwashing scene? A guilt-ridden Lady Macbeth sleepwalks and endlessly washes her hands, unable to get out the ‘little blood’ on her hands.

The characters of Raima’s Chaiti and Ritwick’s Rangan talk to themselves in a room, in front of the mirror, on a swing as their disembodied observer-narrator self-interacts with them, all in their own heads and home, of course. Does it not remind psychology enthusiasts of the theories of Lacan and Freud regarding the formation of the self, mirror theory, identity formation, as well as regression?

But if all that is left aside, simply on its own, Kolonko promises a thrilling watch, as long as you keep a hold on your horses and do not get your expectations too high. There is scope and possibility of it being a hit, but only January 19 will tell us if this new take on the infidelity drama will be worth binge-watching till the end.

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