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Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche: Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharya makes a grand entry

Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche: Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharya makes a grand entry
Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche: Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharya makes a grand entry
Ranojoy Bishnu, Shweta Bhattacharya and Roshni Tanwi

Last Updated: 05.07 PM, Jun 20, 2024


The rumor is in the air that actress Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharya is seeing a new man. Previously, she was allegedly in a romantic relationship with the television actor Dibyojyoti Dutta. However, there were rumours that she dated Ranojoy Bishnu as well. 

The actress said that she was the new member of the serial Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche. She is the on-screen ex of Ranjoy Bishnu who plays Aniket. The news went viral. People speculated whether they had an off-screen relationship as well. However, she is between Aniket and Shyamali on the screen. In an interview with Anandabazar Online, she smilingly said, “How did I come in between? The channel put my photo on one side of the two.” Roshni’s fans were pleased to see the photo. She will play Ahana in the serial. Kon Gopone Mon Bheseche streams on Zee5 and it is also available on OTTplay Premium.  

Will she give a hard time to Shyamali, played by Sweta Bhattacharya? Roshni is not yet sure how much wickedness she has to exert on the screen. She assumes that the character is gray. Roshni played the heroine in the serial Felna produced by Raj Chakraborty. Then she acted in side roles and nowadays in negative characters too. Why no more female lead? She stopped smiling and became serious. ‘There are some reasons. Firstly, I don’t want to sit idle. If you don’t practice, your acting gets affected. Secondly, acting means confidence is affected. Then I can’t act as the lead even if offered. Thirdly, I need to keep the income in mind. The income in television is regular.’ She also said that her characters are her life’s capital. A director can see them and will understand that she can act in any role. 

Why does she like to act in negative characters? Roshni again smiled. ‘I can read funny comments on social media. In a previous serial, my character’s name was Kamalini. People angrily called her Kalnagini. Then I understood that I was on the right path and the acting was good.’ Her co-actors went to series or films…before the question ended, Roshni replied ‘I feel proud of them’ She paused a bit and then added ‘You have to leave everything in the hands of time. Proper results will come at the proper time.’ 

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