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Kotabommali PS director Teja Marni - Audiences will enjoy the film more if they don’t view it as Nayattu’s remake

After Johaar and Arjuna Phalguna, Teja Marni returns with a cop saga Kotabommali PS

Kotabommali PS director Teja Marni - Audiences will enjoy the film more if they don’t view it as Nayattu’s remake

Teja Marni on Kotabommali PS

Last Updated: 02.03 PM, Nov 23, 2023


Kotabommali PS, the Telugu remake of the Malayalam hit Nayattu, is all set to hit screens this weekend. Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar essay key roles in the cop drama directed by Teja Marni. The latter, who has helmed Johaar and Arjuna Phalguna, is confident that his upcoming outing will impress audiences. 

Why a remake?

Beyond the fact that it’s a remake, there are a few stories that you want to tell a wider audience. There’s an element of irony in the story—what if people within the system fall prey to the system? They are not able to fulfil their duties due to other pressures. The film tells the story of a by-election in Kotabommali that changes the fate of three police officers.


More an adaptation than a remake

It’s not a frame-to-frame remake of Nayattu and we’ve adapted it according to our taste. The second half has undergone major changes; the first hour is different by at least 40%. There are many new scenes in the film. We’ve treated it like a thriller meant for the big screen; the film ends with a great emotional high. I hope the film helps viewers understand the importance of a vote.

On storytelling aesthetics, view towards society

I always tried to take care of storytelling aesthetics in my films too, be it Johaar or Arjuna Phalguna. I try to portray my view of society. We can’t change the society but we can make an attempt. The film will take you through the locations like an insider. We’ve shot it in remote locations where naxals operated and took several risks for aesthetics.

Change of audience tastes

The exposure of audiences has changed in this era. Previously, what mattered was whether it was a good film or not. Now, they’re comparing different versions. Any film, told from a newer lens, can attract viewers to theatres. A remake is an attempt to tell a good story to a new audience. Sensible films will always find their due. Films are a powerful visual medium to make an impact.

The response to Lingi Lingi Lingidi

I heard Lingi Lingi Lingidi at a wedding in Srikakulam and the song went viral on Youtube later. We gave it a fresh, contemporary spin with the lyrics and music in the number. I didn’t expect such a tremendous response to the song. It drives the story forward and audiences will enjoy it in theatres.

A word about the cast

Srikanth was my first choice for the film. He is neither a veteran actor nor a newcomer and was apt to play a middle-aged character who’s sarcastic. I liked Khadgam a lot and I thought he had always been a fine performer. We had many options beyond Rahul Vijay, but I was always keen on finalising him. Shivani Rajashekar was a natural on the screen and we needed a strong performer. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is a thorough professional.

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