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Krishna Rama on OTT: Rajendra Prasad, Gautami Tadimalla discuss Raj Madiraju’s family drama

Also starring Ananya Sharma, Krishna Rama lands on ETV Win this Sunday

Krishna Rama on OTT: Rajendra Prasad, Gautami Tadimalla discuss Raj Madiraju’s family drama
Gautami Tadimalla and Rajendra Prasad

Last Updated: 10.25 PM, Oct 21, 2023


Rajendra Prasad, Gautami Tadimalla, who reunited for Nandini Reddy’s Anni Manchi Sakunamule, will be seen in an OTT film #KrishnaRama this weekend. The film directed by Raj Madiraju streams on October 22. Ahead of its release, the actors open up about the film that tells the story of an elderly couple who take to social media to stay connected with their children. Excerpts from the conversation.

Rajendra Prasad about the film:

Rajendra Prasad
Rajendra Prasad

Coming on board for Krishna Rama

We were working on Anni Manchi Sakunamule when director Nandini Reddy introduced me to Raj Madiraju (Krishna Rama’s director). He played my brother in law in the film, we were mischievous on sets and he truly felt like a family member. He wanted to tell me a story; I didn’t know he was a director till then.

A relevant story for the times

Our characters (mine and Gautami) - Krishnaveni and Rama are established well through the title #KrishnaRama. This is a new generation story. I truly feel lucky to be a part of this era. The director had a good understanding of the backdrop. For a viewer, it’ll feel like watching their family’s story on the screen.

The story will appeal to multiple generations, make people aware of modern-day trends. As an actor, it was refreshing to be educated about relationships, social media. I am thankful to God to be relevant as an actor today and also to be part of a meaningful film.

Practical, natural in its treatment

Raj Madiraju conveyed the essence of the story through our characters. The experience we had while portraying the characters will strike a chord with audiences. The film tells what’s right and wrong and is very practical about addressing a problem and naturally draws a viewer’s attention.

On not being part of social media

Unlike Rama in Krishna Rama, I have a face but not a Facebook account. Why should someone know so much about me beyond my work? That’s why I don’t exist on social media.

His view on people preferring to settle down abroad

People in US are all Telugus these days - there’s a Rao everywhere. No one who leaves for US is returning here, people are getting used to the comforts, lifestyle, education, cleanliness. People are so wary of driving carefully there but back home, the same person doesn’t pay any heed to rules. Why do the same people behave differently in two countries? Discipline must be there everywhere.

Gautami Tadimalla about the film:

Gautami Tadimalla
Gautami Tadimalla

On her approach towards social media

Just like the couple in #KrishnaRama, I too believe social media is powerful. I am there on social media but not impulsive in my responses. I am a private person and don’t share everything in public. There’s no conflict here, I enjoy talking, discussing when I am at work but I draw the line in my personal life after I enter home.

Why will Krishna Rama strike a chord?

Everything about the film is natural, realistic and relevant to the times. Everyone will relate to it.The tragic truth of life is how the elderly generation is getting neglected - this is true everywhere now. They feel out of place after running a family for so many years, remember their roots fondly. Sadly, the life they had once lead has become nostalgia.

After fulfilling family responsibilities, it’s important for elders to end their life in peace and live life on their own terms. It’s their right, they have earned it. It’s sad how people are denied something so basic. Through two elderly people, #KrishnaRama beautifully expresses their feelings, how they try to reconnect with this generation through social media. You will see your grandparents through these characters.

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