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Kunchacko Boban: 2018’s Oscar entry validates KG George’s words

Chaaver star Kunchacko Boban explains why 2018 deserved to be India’s official entry to Oscars next year

Kunchacko Boban: 2018’s Oscar entry validates KG George’s words
A poster of 2018 and (R) Kunchacko Boban

Last Updated: 08.10 AM, Oct 10, 2023


Rarely has a Malayalam movie, which didn’t have any of the reigning superstars, been celebrated as much as director Jude Anthany Joseph’s 2018: Everyone Is A Hero. The film, which went on to become the highest-grossing Malayalam movie ever, was also picked as India’s official entry to the 2024 Academy Awards. 

Malayalam actor Kunchacko Boban, who also essayed a pivotal character in the film, also had a small role to play in getting the film greenlit, as it was his call to the movie’s producer Venu Kunnappilly that gave the latter the courage to back an ambitious Malayalam movie of such a huge scale and star cast.

While Kunchacko refuses to take any credit for that, the actor, in an exclusive chat with OTTplay, says that he is happy that in an era of pan-Indian films, it’s a “grounded story” from Kerala and of its people that is getting an opportunity to represent the country at the Oscars.

KG George
KG George

“I remember the words of KG George sir ,” says Kunchacko. “He said that we shouldn’t emulate or remake other language movies – be it Hollywood or Bollywood, and should strive to create films that showcase our cultural roots on a global platform. The words of the legend have rung true. We are hoping that we cross the final hurdle too.”

The actor further notes that 2018’s success stems from how “rooted and real” the film is. “It succeeded in connecting with Malayalis all over the world. That’s the beauty of the movie,” he says.

2018 poster
2018 poster

While films on disasters are made in other industries at exorbitant budgets, that Jude could pull it off in an industry like Malayalam is one of its strong suits, says the Chaaver actor.

“Technically too, the film is a marvel. If you looked at Jude’s previous works, you wouldn’t have thought that he was capable of pulling off such a massive movie. But if we manage to do something extraordinary when people least expect it, it hits the bullseye. That’s what happened with 2018,” says Kunchacko. “I think the biggest win for us is that we were able to get the emotional connect, showcase the technical wizardry and present it on a grand scale.”


2018 is currently streaming on Sony LIV and is also available on OTTplay Premium.

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