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5 reasons Kurangu Pedal needs to be on your weekend OTT watchlist

Kurangu Pedal on Aha: Set in the 1980s, this children's film is presented by actor Sivakarthikeyan 

5 reasons Kurangu Pedal needs to be on your weekend OTT watchlist

A still from Kurangu Pedal

Last Updated: 09.55 AM, Jun 12, 2024


Kurangu Pedal, the recently released Tamil film, will be available for streaming on Aha Tamil on June 14. Presented by Sivakarthikeyan under his home banner, Sivakarthikeyan Productions, Kurangu Pedal will also be available to watch on OTTplay Premium. The film was released in theatres on May 3 to mixed to positive reviews. 

We present 5 reasons why Kurangu Pedal should be on your watchlist for this weekend. The film will premiere on Aha on June 14 and be available on OTTplay Premium as well.

Children’s film

While Tamil cinema is known to churn out different genres of films, one thing that has been missing for a while is a film catering to children. Kurangu Pedal keeps its child protagonists in the centre and takes their perspectives into account when telling a story. With a dearth of such stories in cinema off late, Kurangu Pedal seems to satisfy the needs of the younger audience.

Performance of the cast

Kurangu Pedal’s cast includes Santhosh Velmurugan, VV Ragavan, M Gnanasekar, Rathish, Sai Ganesh, Kaali Venkat, Prasanna Balachander, and others. Led by child artists, the film offers a sense of innocence, which is carried throughout. Kurangu Pedal does not villainize any of its characters, instead offering empathy for why they behave the way they do.

Working stills of Kurangu Pedal; (right) Director Kamalakannan
Working stills of Kurangu Pedal; (right) Director Kamalakannan

Nostalgic period drama

Set in the 1980s, Kurangu Pedal revolves around a group of young boys who wish to learn how to ride a bicycle during their summer vacations. The film takes us back to the time before the invention of mobile phones and the internet, which have become today’s pastime. Kurangu Pedal is sure to give you some nostalgic moments and a trip down your memory lane when you first learned how to ride a bicycle and spent summer vacations in the absence of technology.

A feel-good entertainer

Amid films that shed violence, Kurangu Pedal is a simple film rooted within a simpler conflict. The film does not introduce cardboard villains and antagonists for the sake of it and instead evokes various emotions to drive the film forward. Kurangu Pedal promises to be a feel-good entertainer.

A film for the entire family

A still from Kurangu Pedal
A still from Kurangu Pedal

Kurangu Pedal shows a beautiful arc featuring a father-son bond and how they begin to learn from each other while also sharing the importance of friendships. The film attempts to be both a family drama and coming-of-age story at the same time, making it a perfect watch for children and adults.

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