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Lane 0 - The Lane Of Dreams now streaming on DocuBay; a story of dedication and confidence

Lane 0, a story about young people who aspire a big pedestal in life and work towards it relentlessly. 

Lane 0 - The Lane Of Dreams now streaming on DocuBay; a story of dedication and confidence
Lane 0 On DocuBay

Last Updated: 08.48 PM, May 08, 2024


Sports dramas are something that always catch our attention and keep us invested if they are well-made. These stories are about people who have dedicated their lives to a profession where they are only as good as their next game. So, when movies tell the story of their struggles and hardships, it is very intriguing to watch and motivating to witness. Biopics are the easiest in this regard. But what if the real-life people tell their stories on screen, rather than actors reenacting them? Documentaries from around the world have attempted to tell stories of sportsmen, and some have even succeeded in doing so. One such documentary is Lane 0: The Lane of Dreams, which tells the story of a group of swimmers who struggled to turn their dream into reality and is now streaming on DocuBay.


DocuBay is a budding streaming platform that, over the course of its existence, has brought top-class documentaries from around the world to its audience. Like an archival library, the platform offers documentaries from across the globe, including new, recent, and old ones, all under one roof. This week, the streamer brings you a story of power and confidence in a dedication to a sport that brought a team of swimmers the glory they deserved. Read on to know everything you should below.

Lane 0: The Lane Of Dreams on DocuBay

The latest documentary making its way to DocuBay is Lane 0: The Lane of Dreams. This documentary looks at swimmers who aspire to make it to the Olympics but come from developing countries. However, their road to the sports gala is not as easy as it seems because their access is limited. There are two sisters who don't even have access to any pool; they swim in the sea. A boy learns from YouTube videos and more. What happens when they try to qualify for the Olympics for the first time is the story.

Lane 0: The Lane Of Dreams Plot

Working to polish their craft, a group of swimmers are training under world-class facilities for the first time. Under the guidance of a coach, they are making progress. With a year left until the Olympic qualifiers, this will be the first time anyone from their country will get through the qualifiers if they succeed. Shajan and Sajina are two Maldivian sisters who train in the sea because they have no means. Sofia from Nepal can only practice during the summer because the rest of the year is too cold. Eroi, a Rwandan boy, learns to swim from YouTube videos in a nearby lake.

There are more stories like these—stories about athletes who aren't shining stars from the first day but shine with their dedication to sports. You can watch Lane 0: The Lane of Dreams on DocuBay with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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