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War and crime documentaries on DocuBay that will give you a taste of dystopia - Children Of ISIS to The Creepy Line

You can watch all these documentaries on DocuBay, which is available on OTTplay Premium with your subscription.

War and crime documentaries on DocuBay that will give you a taste of dystopia - Children Of ISIS to The Creepy Line
War and crime documentaries on DocuBay

Last Updated: 03.27 PM, Apr 30, 2024


Dystopia is not just a word but a trajectory of the future we all fear. We have envisioned possibilities that could end our civilisations and turn us into slaves to something that we currently regard as an ally. Wars have taken a monstrous toll, democracies are in danger, and some claim they will bring back the good days, but we know they won't. Documentaries serve as evidence of these times for future generations to understand what happened. When they stick to an unbiased narrative, not claiming to dictate what is true but instead letting the audience decide, such a documentary needs to be preserved and made widely available. The documentaries we recommend today are some of these. 

Over the years, filmmakers have documented their times—the evils, the goodness, and everything in between. But the chaos has always found its audience, as it always does. War and crime documentaries are genres that have impressed the masses worldwide and left them craving more. However, over the years, this genre has also been diluted, with more ideology-driven material being sold as unbiased content. In this case, differentiating is certainly difficult. DocuBay is a streaming platform that you get with your OTTplay Premium subscription, where they curate a library of some ace documentaries from across the world, ranging from real-life stories rooted personally to the war and crime genres that the world is getting affected by.

So today, as we explored DocuBay a bit more, we discovered some very interesting war and crime documentaries on the streaming platform. We recommend some of them below. Read on and add them to your watchlist ASAP.

War & Crime Documentaries on DocuBay

Tracking Russian Hackers (2019)


Theories around Vladimir Putin and his methods are bizarre and unbelievable. But the one that suggests he hijacked the 2016 US presidential election is the wildest and most serious of them all. It is said that he uses hackers for his global strategy. Tracking Russian Hackers looks at the growing threat to cybersecurity and the crucial data that exists on the internet, while also exploring the alleged ways of the Russians as a means to trigger a cyberwar. Fancy Bears, a hacker group, was accused of being an extension of Russian military intelligence by 6 countries, and the documentary explores that.

Baby Boss: Italy’s New Face of Terror (2018)

What happens in a landscape where young boys grow up with aspiration? Baby Boss looks at Naples, where a secretive criminal organisation called Camorra functions with the help of boys as young as 13 to carry out their illegal activities. The young mafiosos are dreaded and can do anything to keep fear alive in the minds of the people around them. The drug-addled young boys find their trigger in bloodshed, which gives them power. The government's attempts to bring them back to their families and society struggle when these boys choose to run back to a life of crime, leaving behind their loved ones.

Zero Meridian (2017)

The subjects of Zero Meridian come from different walks of dark life. Some have been pushed into the dark alleys of sex work, some are criminals, and some are pushed into penury. But one common thread that led to their doom was drugs. They talk about the times their addiction took a toll and snatched their existence from them. The documentary explores how someone who does drugs looks at life after it's destroyed. Who is to be blamed? The one who consumes? The one who makes it available? Or no one?

Children of ISIS (2017)

Ashbal, meaning Lion Cubs, was the codename for children as young as 14-16 that ISIS was training to become suicide bombers and fighters for their cause. They even had secret training camps for them. The children were kept in captivity for fear of rape and its brutal consequences. Children of ISIS is a haunting documentary that sheds light on the camps and also has the children telling their stories. This one's not for the faint-hearted.

The Creepy Line (2018)

Okay, this affects all of us. If you are reading this from your phone, this documentary is especially for you. We all remember how the data breach and the horrors of it came to light when Mark Zuckerberg was in the witness box some years ago. The Creepy Line explores how the world is being manipulated by Google and Facebook without us even knowing it. We are all slaves to the idea of these apps, who know everything about us and have slowly become their content. This alarming documentary is both a horror and an eye-opener.

You can watch all these documentaries on DocuBay, which is available with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more content like this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.