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That Night on ShortsTV - Between Dirty Dancing and Goodfellas, James Corden and Alexandra Roach find something precious

That Night on ShortsTV - Between Dirty Dancing and GoodFellas, James Corden and Alexandra Roach find something precious
That Night on ShortsTV - Between Dirty Dancing and Goodfellas, James Corden and Alexandra Roach find something precious
That Night On ShortsTV

Last Updated: 05.04 PM, Apr 25, 2024


People find love in the least expected places, and there's no exaggeration in those words. Look around (a virtue we've forgotten, thanks to our phones) and observe the wandering souls. Everyone has a story, some good, some bad, but all worth listening to. What happens when someone seeking love on the internet suddenly encounters a person who makes them realize love is not a calculated step but a wild decision that will test and satisfy you at the same time?

That Night, starring late-night talk show host James Corden and the super-talented Alexandra Roach is a movie about two somewhat broken individuals. The beauty of the film lies in the fact that they never become one, maybe in your mind, but never on the screen.

That Night Plot:

Released in 2013, two strangers (James and Alexandra) are traveling on an empty bus in London. He is local; she has just moved to the country from a place far away. A discussion about a musician leads to a conversation, only for her to realize she has taken the wrong route. He insists on helping her catch the correct bus, and they begin their walk to the bus stop. As they discuss past relationships and argue over favorite movies, they realize there is unspoken compatibility, expressed through gestures. The short film, directed by Chris Foggin, is 17 minutes long.

That Night Analysis:


That Night is like a warm hug on a breezy night. It reassures everyone that someone will meet you at an unexpected juncture to comfort you or perhaps share your stress. There is so much to absorb in this simplistic narrative. Of course, this is a well-trodden path: she misses the bus, he ensures she is safe, and either they part ways at the end or live with the memories of that night. That Night explores what happens in between. Here is a man searching for a companion on the internet, failing to have an organic conversation. Yet, he meets a stranger on a bus and isn't shy to shift closer to her when their discussion about a musician intensifies.

The film provides an interesting commentary on how dating culture is moving away from the traditional "humans meet and get to know each other" trajectory to a more transactional approach, reminding us that some old ways should be preserved. Soon, we realize these are two people with troubled pasts in relationships, and that somewhere stops them from making the first move. One uses that anger as fuel to move miles away from home and build a new life, and the other isolates themselves because they were ditched. That Night is beautiful in showing how their past traumas don't define them together. They instantly discuss their favorite movies, and what those mean to them, and a bond is formed.

Whether they continue it or not is left to your interpretation. They indeed start something, but how it progresses is up to you. That Night has James Corden proving that he is not just a great talk show host but also a compelling actor. The subtle balance he brings to the story is so tender and visually calming that you might forget the chirpy host you've seen for years. Alexandra Roach is, of course, brilliant in her role, and her smile is everything in That Night.

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