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Nomadic films on CinemaWorld that might make you want to explore the world - Veins Of The World to Out Of Paradise

Exploring CinemaWorld on OTTplay Premium where ace films from across the world mark their attendance. 

Nomadic films on CinemaWorld that might make you want to explore the world - Veins Of The World to Out Of Paradise
Film Recommendations From CinemaWorld

Last Updated: 06.38 PM, Apr 21, 2024


Cinema has always inspired people to do things, whether it be dressing a certain way, getting a hairstyle, or as simple as adding a word to your vocabulary that a favorite character from the last film kept saying. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that life and cinema are correlated. Films have even led to some drastic changes in lives. One of the most evident of them is igniting the urge to travel the world in some viewers. 

Travel films are a genre, and filmmakers from across the world have tried their hands at it. Of course, the stories have been varied and interesting. CinemaWorld, a platform under the OTTplay Premium subscription, offers films from across the globe. Some with the Oscars' nod, some are nuanced cinema that the world has applauded.

If you scratch the surface, the platform has some of the most interesting travel movies where stories talk of empathy, relocation, adventure, and even tragedies that take place when people are moving across places. We happened to explore CinemaWorld in the past couple of days and thought many of you deserve to see these movies. So for many of you who love travel and movies about travel, we thought of bringing the most nuanced travel movies on the aforementioned platform.

Below is a list of travel films from CinemaWorld that we loved, which are stories of things that are very important for society today with a backdrop of travel.

Stellar Films About Wandering On CinemaWorld

Veins of the World (2020)


Language: Mongolian

There is so much to absorb in a movie that talks of unfulfilled ambition, taking legacies ahead, and saving the planet for generations to come. A boy sets out on a journey to fulfill his father's wish of living like a nomad and continues to carry on his fight against global mining.

The Deep (2012)

Language: English

Not really a travel routine one would want to follow, but regardless, a fishing boat sinks off the south coast of Iceland. All men die except for one who is washed off to the shore after six hours in the water. But there is a twist; he is washed off on a lava island and now must fight a second battle to save himself.

Out of Paradise (2018)

Language: Mongolian

The life of nomads is turned upside down when the wife develops some complications in her pregnancy. They decide to take a trip to the capital for treatment, and the journey to the capital forms the basis of the film. There are challenges, roadblocks, and also very heartwarming moments. While being tragic, Out of Paradise is a very wholesome film that wants you to see something that is not your everyday content.

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