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Latest releases to watch on ALTT

If you are left wondering as to what shows you need to watch on OTT space, then, let us recommend the following must-watch latest releases on ALTT

Latest releases to watch on ALTT
Latest releases on ALTT

Last Updated: 06.41 PM, Mar 25, 2024


With the advent of OTT, there has been an influx of shows that has really taken over the remote from the television aka the idiot box. Keeping in mind the array of shows that are being premiered on the OTT space these days, one is bound to get confused about the shows to watch. That’s why we, at OTTplay, bring to you the latest released on the OTT major ALTT, which are definitely a must watch and not to be missed for anything in the world!


Mentalhood (Nourishment or Punishment)
While the series revolves around the lives of Meira, AJO, Priety, Diksha, and Namrata and their day-to-day challenges to be the best whilst beating all the odds, this particular episode sees Meira Sharma wandering aimlessly at a toy store. Whilst wandering, she, in her mind, challenges the set norms of the society. She wonders as to who on earth decided that, while the colour blue should be associated with boys and the colour pink should be associated with girls. 

Just as she is pondering about the same, there enters Akash, who only consolidates Meira Sharma’s thought process and throws light on the fact that it should never be about gender, as in today’s world, it is about what an individual’s choices are. To drive home his point, he cites the example of his son playing with dolls while he picks up a glittering backpack for himself!

On the other hand, Anuja’s (Sandhya Mridul) mother (played by Krutika Desai) sternly tries to school her by saying that she should be well aware of the status that her family is known for. She also warns her of not doing anything that will backfire on their family and its image.

Booo... Sabki Phategi
The latest episode has Nainsukh (Sanjay Mishra) holding a lantern in broad daylight and talking mysteriously to some voice! That’s when Khushi (Shefali Zariwala) enters the scene and questions him about how someone can take death so easily! She then goes onto explain the concept of death by comparing it to demonetisation. She says that, one’s life may lose its value like the notes that had got demonetised.

She then, tells that, even if death is hovering around someone’s head, the person will just not get to know about it. That’s when a zombie crawls out of nowhere and stabs her with a knife from the behind, thus killing her instantly! Unaware of Khushi’s death, Nainsukh keeps on walking and talking to her!

This killing gets witnessed by the duo of Vishwas (Krushna Abhishek) and Puchki (Kiku Sharda), who chose to not make noise at all and keep their mouths shut (quite literally!) 

Yeh Dil Mannge More
The upcoming episode of the series is definitely one of the most exciting ones to have been released so far. The episode starts off with Dr. Jyoti (Twinkle Patel) suddenly senses the presence of someone in the house. Seeing the stranger from the back, she asks him about his details. And when he shows his face to her, Jyoti gets the shock of her life when she gets to know that the person is no one else but, Major Aryan Singh (Akshay Mhatre).

Seeing him in front of her, she is about to shout on top of her voice. That’s when Major Singh closes her mouth with his hand and tells her that, had he known that she stayed there, he just would not have entered the house.

Upon which, Jyoti asks him that, what was the reason for him to enter the house without even having the basic courtesy of ringing the doorbell. To this, he replies that he did ring the bell, but it was not working. Not the one to believe his words, Jyoti challenges his claims by walking out of the house and inspecting the doorbell, which she claimed was working properly. Dr. Jyoti gets a shock of her life when she gets to know that the doorbell was indeed not functioning properly!

For the unversed, the series of Yeh Dil Mannge More is about a love story between an army officer and a doctor and how they eventually fall in love with each other despite their countless differences!

PM Selfiewallie
The upcoming episode of PM Selfiewallie (titled The nation needs some pink!) starts off with Tanya Thakur (Nityaami Shirke) being called upon the stage for the customary oath taking ceremony. While the Minister on the dais tells her to repeat after him, the London-bred Tanya does not even understand a single word of it.

That’s why she starts fumbling at almost every word and also then, eventually, starts off with speaking the oath in English… we mean… Queen’s English (no pun intended). After the traditional ceremony, Tanya then joins the office as the Prime Minister and is super excited to see her palatial abode and office.

Thereafter starts her tenure as the Prime Minister, after which she is entrusted with a major peace treaty with the neighbouring enemy country that funds terrorism. Will Tanya be able to make the enemy country sign the peace treaty is what forms the rest of the episode.

The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family
This enticing episode is something that one would not want to miss for anything in the world. The episode starts off with Vikram Ranaut (Kay Kay Menon) performing the last rites of Premlata Ranaut (Swaroop Sampat) with a voiceover that states her will, in which she had decided to hand over all her properties in the name of her grandson Mridual Ranaut (Prithviraj Sarnaik).

This is followed by a series of repercussions that the said will has on her immediate family members. On the other hand, an extremely emotional Vikram Ranaut speaks his heart out in the way of his expressions in front of Mridul Ranaut. After hearing the sentimental conversation, Mridul comes running into the arms of Vikram.

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