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Lavaste out on OTT - ZEE5 launches Omkar Kapoor-starring compelling tale of survival for free; details inside

Lavaste, an unconventional journey of resilience and social awareness, is now streaming for free on ZEE5.

Lavaste out on OTT - ZEE5 launches Omkar Kapoor-starring compelling tale of survival for free; details inside
La Vaste

Last Updated: 12.09 PM, Apr 05, 2024


La Vaste is the newest AVOD (advertising-based video on demand) title from ZEE5. The film provides an original and thought-provoking narrative while illuminating a pressing social issue; it went live on April 5. Rohandeep Singh and Sudeesh Kanaujia produce La Vaste, starring Omkar Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Urvashi S Sharma, Shubhangi Latkar, and Aditya Verma. Exclusively on ZEE5, viewers can watch the film online for free.

A thought-provoking narrative on social issues

In the film La Vaste, Omkar Kapoor portrays Satyansh, an engineering graduate from Raipur, who finds himself at a critical juncture in Mumbai. While trying to find work so that he can provide for his family, Satyansh encounters the harsh reality of city life. He finds an alternative way to survive after a year of trying without success: taking unclaimed bodies to the crematorium for money. He learns about a social catastrophe and resolves to fix it while he's at it. He goes on a trip that exemplifies human perseverance, survival instincts, and the power of the human spirit.


La Vaste made its debut at the 2023 Cannes Marche du Film and received a special mention at the 2023 Jagran Film Festival for its inventive storytelling, stunning visuals, and deep emotional resonance.

Purpose and intent behind La Vaste

Sudeesh said in a statement that their goal in making La Vaste was to create a story that would entertain people while also illuminating the harsh realities of city life. His unorthodox route to survival reflects the resiliency of the human spirit, and Satyansh's journey represents the hardships endured by millions. The film delves into the hidden tragedy of unclaimed bodies in the culture, prompting viewers to consider larger issues often overlooked. Because it provides a fresh viewpoint and starts meaningful discussions, Sudeesh thinks La Vaste will strike a chord with viewers.

The truth shown in La Vaste has a profound effect on him, as Omkar puts it. In the story, the many people who are doing social work for unclaimed bodies serve as an inspiration and a source of dedication. Being a part of La Vaste and contributing to the world's exposure to such heartfelt stories is an honour. Many parts of the film really resonated with the actor, and he thinks it would be an excellent choice for anyone who has ever considered ending their life. If they are looking for an uplifting story to see, Omkar highly recommends this one, and viewers can do it for free on ZEE5.

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