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Leo star Mansoor Ali Khan left embarrassed after 'cool' Suresh misbehaves with woman; Netizens demand a ban on him

Leo star Mansoor Ali Khan was left red-faced after 'cool' Suresh forced a garland on the woman anchor without her content at the Sarakku audio release event. 

Leo star Mansoor Ali Khan left embarrassed after 'cool' Suresh misbehaves with woman; Netizens demand a ban on him
Leo star Mansoor Ali Khan with cool Suresh. (Photo: YouTube screengrab)

Last Updated: 01.52 PM, Sep 20, 2023


Actor 'cool' Suresh has caused massive outrage on social media after he forced a garland on a woman anchor at a recent media event in Chennai. He was invited to the Sarakku audio release event. When his turn came to speak at the event, he caught everyone by surprise by his shocking behaviour towards the woman.

While appreciating the anchor, he took a garland and forced it on her without her consent. The anchor even resisted Suresh's attempts but it did not stop him. And he later went on to give his speech explaining why she deserved a garland. "She has been giving a grand introduction to everyone on stage," Suresh said.

'Cool' Suresh misbehaves with woman

The woman anchor, however, was visibly upset, but she continued to maintain her composure till the end of the event. The media personnel at the event raised objections to Suresh's behaviour with the woman on stage. Addressing the controversy, actor Mansoor Ali Khan, who has played the lead role in Sarakku, apologised on behalf of Suresh.

Suresh even tried to justify his actions by claiming that he was acting out of goodwill towards the anchor. “Ever since the event started, we both were having friendly conversations," he said. However, Mansoor Ali Khan refused to accept his justification and asked him to issue an apology without ifs and buts. “Whatever it might be, what you did was wrong," Mansoor told Suresh on stage.

Suresh later tried to overcompensate for his actions by calling the woman anchor 'sister' and apologised to her on stage. However, the woman seemed agitated and Suresh's apology seemingly failed to calm her down.

Social media outrage

Suresh has come under heavy fire on the internet after the video of his actions went viral. While justifying his actions, he claimed wanted to create content and that was the reason why he forced the garland on the woman.

Many have demanded that filmmakers and producers boycott Suresh and not invite him to media events in future. Suresh is known for his over-the-top actions performed with the sole intention of going viral on the internet.

However, this time, he overstepped the line making everyone uncomfortable with his action.

Mansoor Ali Khan, who will also be seen next in Leo, is also facing the heat over Suresh's actions.

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