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Lift Twitter review – Netizens are not impressed with Kevin Hart's humour, ‘Watching Kevin Hart trying to be badass…’

After several speculations, Kevin Hart’s action-comedy has finally released on January 12, on Netflix

Lift Twitter review – Netizens are not impressed with Kevin Hart's humour, ‘Watching Kevin Hart trying to be badass…’

Still from Lift

Last Updated: 10.08 PM, Jan 12, 2024


Kevin Hart finally took flight on Netflix with the action-comedy - Lift, on January 12, 2024. After months of buzz, the movie landed with a bang, fueled by an exhilarating teaser that had fans eagerly anticipating Hart's comedic take on the heist genre. Following the success of Money Heist, Netflix elevated the ante with this high-stakes adventure, promising edge-of-your-seat thrills and Hart's signature brand of humour.

Lift story

Haunted by shadows of his past, a reformed thief named Cyrus (Kevin Hart) struggles with excitement when an FBI agent offers a one-way ticket back to criminal life. With million dollars hanging at 30,000 feet aboard a London-Zurich flight, he must confront his demons and choose, soar toward redemption or drive into the abyss once again.

Netizens' reactions

Despite a thrilling teaser and trailer, the film couldn't meet fans' high expectations for Kevin Hart's performance. While the actor is famous for his stand-up comedies, his translation to the screen in this role fell short. The storyline, however, managed to spark some interest, highlighting the disconnect between initial buzz and audience satisfaction.

While Gugu Mbatha-Raw's performance has been highly praised, Lift's casting choices and overall impact are generating mixed reactions. Some argued Damson Idris would have been a more compelling lead instead of Hart, and others remain unconvinced by Kevin’s dramatic turn. However, only the action sequences have garnered some positive attention.

Kevin Hart's other mind-blowing movies

Kevin Hart has wowed audiences with his comedic chops in blockbusters like the Jumanji movie series, Ride Along, and Central Intelligence, heartwarming dramas like Fatherhood and Get Hard, and even animated fare like The Secret Life of Pets and DC League of Super-Pets. He has even garnered critical acclaim for his biting satirical humour. But this time, in Lift, it seems his trademark hilarity struggles to keep pace with the movie’s thriller-action elements.

Lift release

This is the first time Kevin Hart and director F. Gray Gray have collaborated. Lift is now streaming on Netflix.

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