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Lionsgate Play May 2024 releases in India

Enjoyed watching the April releases on Lionsgate Play? Here's a fresh list of May 2024 releases on the platform, which you can watch through OTTplay Premium

Lionsgate Play May 2024 releases in India

Posters for Black Mafia Family and Vigil

Last Updated: 04.27 PM, May 01, 2024


Lionsgate Play doesn't disappoint. After keeping us all glued to our screens with nonstop Hollywood hits throughout April, the OTT platform is back with a fresh batch of blockbuster content to binge-watch this May. This month's offerings are a mix of various genres, featuring highly anticipated returns such as Black Mafia Family and Vigil. We have curated a list 5 new movies and shows with their release dates. They are available to be streamed on OTTplay Premium at an affordable price. So, settle in, grab some popcorn, and be ready to dive into the latest version of Lionsgate Play.

Lionsgate Play May 2024 line-up

Black Mafia Family Season 3 Lionsgate Play May 3, 2024
The Marsh King's Daughter Lionsgate Play May 10, 2024
Copshop Lionsgate Play May 17, 2024
Wanted Man Lionsgate Play May 24, 2024
Vigil Season 2 Lionsgate Play May 31, 2024

Black Mafia Family Season 3

Released in 2021, Black Mafia Family (BMF) is one of the most loved series in the US. It has received a 7.5/10 rating on IMDb. It tells the story of 2 brothers, Demetrius and Terry, who were raised on the streets of Detroit. Bound by blood and ambition, they rose to become kingpins in a deadly criminal empire. Their web trafficking and money laundering organisation spans multiple states and has immense power and influence. Season 3 of BMF debuted in March in the West and is now coming to India on May 3.


The Marsh King’s Daughter

The psychological thriller The Marsh King's Daughter can be streamed in India on May 10, 2024. Starring Daisy Ridley in the lead, it is the story of a woman named Helena, whose life was torn apart years ago. This happens after she finds out that her father, a notorious kidnapper, snatched her away from her family when she was a child. She's now a grown woman and has a child of her own. The news of her father's escape from prison instantly terrifies her. She then embarks on a mission to save her daughter from her deadly father. Will she be able to confront the monster? What's written in her fate?


Gerard Butler's action-thriller Copshop will be released on May 17. It is an exciting story about a con artist named Bob Viddick who is desperate to get rid of a group of ruthless assassins. He cooks up a daring plan. He deliberately gets himself arrested by cops, hoping the dusty and deserted jail will provide him shelter and help him buy some time. However, his plan fails when the assassins attack the police station, throwing a rookie female police officer named Valerie Young into the deadly showdown. Can Bob save himself and the police officer?

Wanted Man

Dolph Laundgren’s latest release, Wanted Man, releases on May 24 in India. It is the story of a veteran detective who is desperate to save his career. He ventures to Mexico on a high-stake mission to catch a key witness. But when he reaches the southern part of the US border, he discovers that there are people after him and that his life is on the line. Will he be able to save himself and catch the witness?

Vigil Season 2

Released in 2021, the thriller series Vigil is back with Season 3. Starring Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie as the leads, the story centres on a mysterious incident when a finishing boat vanishes and a crew member dies on a submerged submarine. Now, the Navy and British security intelligence find themselves in conflict with the local police. Will they be able to join hands? Will they be able to solve the drowning mystery? Watch Vigil Season 2 on May 31.

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