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Good Omens to Ragnarok, these five series are a must watch for Mythology buffs

Who does not love a good show with myths and intriguing concepts that challenges ones belief? Those who love mythology do so for two good reasons, and must ensure to not miss out on these five shows.

Good Omens to Ragnarok, these five series are a must watch for Mythology buffs

Last Updated: 03.47 AM, Dec 04, 2023


Reason number one, they adore the escapism involved in those stories without understanding what rational and significant elements they contain. And two, they contain socio-cultural and often previously-unexplained scientific elements that one must explore in order to advance humanity. But above all, mythological shows are fun and indulging on the senses. So, if your heart beats for mythology, then these five series must be covered immediately.


The title of the series, roughly translates to a ‘demon.’ This Indian mythological-serial killer series is a pioneer of its field, focusing on the modern-day forensics and crime solving mechanisms along with almost-artistic scenes of gruesome murders. The foundation of the series lies in mythology, with a young man believing himself to be an incarnation of the asura Kalki and challenging two of the best CBI forensic experts to do or die in the process of capturing the former. The series can be streamed on Jio Cinema.

American Gods

Based on Neil Gaiman’s titular novel, American Gods is a splendid example of the fruits of intersectional mythology. Premiering in 2017, American Gods ran for three seasons before being cancelled. It traces Shadow’s queer fate after being released from prison as he gets embroiled in a large-scale war between the Old and New Gods of different faiths and continents. Norse to Egyptian to Indian, different mythical powers play a significant role in this series, making it a perfect treat for mythology lovers to indulge in on Prime Video.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Scheduled to premiere on December 20, 2023, this long-awaited series is already more adored than its former, loathed, cinematic adaptations that miserably tanked at box office and in the hearts of fans. Tracing the story of Riordan-verse demigod Percy Jackson, as he handles being a teenager as well as a modern-day son of a powerful sea god with considerable ease. Since he is blessed with ADHD, dyslexia, and his klutziness, he serves as a beacon and whip for all kinds of trouble, wherewith lies the fun.

Good Omens

Another Neil Gaiman classic, Good Omens not only sports a solid plot but also a stellar cast, comprising of Michael Sheen, David Tennant, Jon Hamm, Miranda Richardson, Michael McKean, Derek Jacobi, Brian Cox, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Frances McDormand. Premiering in 2019, this Prime Original series follows the unusual friendship between Heaven and Hell’s representatives on earth, the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, as they frequently team up for drinking decades and prevention of Armageddon as and when necessary, without informing their supercilious superiors, of course.


This Norwegian series is a lovely, modern and environmentally conscious rendition of Norse mythology on Netflix. It follows the tale of a dyslexic and shy Magne, who discovers on shifting to the fictional town of Edda, that he is a reincarnation of Thor. Post discovery of his mythological connection, he becomes aware of the severe amount of environmental pollution and climate mutation the Jutuls, or giants, are causing by being selfish and greedy with their chemical factories and decides to challenge them to save Edda.

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