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Best Chinese dramas to stream on OTT

If you’re looking for some breezy but entertainment-filled dramas, here is a list of the best Chinese dramas to stream on OTT. Read on to explore the fascinating world of Chinese dramas or C-dramas.

Best Chinese dramas to stream on OTT
Best Chinese dramas on OTT to stream free

Last Updated: 01.22 AM, May 20, 2024


The advancement of technology and OTT platforms has brought the world closer. We can easily get a sneak peek into another country’s culture, tradition, and lifestyle without physically travelling there. Today, Asian dramas like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese have secured a special place in the hearts of drama lovers as they are easily available. If you’re looking for some breezy but entertainment-filled dramas, here is a list of the best Chinese dramas to stream on OTT. Read on to explore the fascinating world of Chinese dramas, or C-dramas.

Best Chinese Dramas to stream online for free

Put Your Head on My Shoulders


  • Cast: Fair Xing, Lin Yi, Daddi Tang

  • IMDb: 8/10

  • Where to watch: Netflix, MX Player (Hindi-dubbed)

Starring the highly popular Chinese heartthrob Lin Yi, this romantic comedy series explores the college romance between Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi. It revolves around a confused accounting major who wishes to switch to a creative field, Si Tu Mo, and a science genius, Gu Wei Yi. Their chaotic love story will take you back to the romantic days when career and love were both special.

Go Go Squid

  • Cast: Zi Yang, Xian Li, Mingde Li

  • IMDb: 7.7/10

  • Where to watch: Viki

If you enjoy love-at-first-sight dramas with a chaotic main lead, Go Go Squid is an enduring watch. It is about a cold and manipulative boss, Han, who runs a sports training club, and a sweet and simple tech genius, Tong Nian. A string of misunderstandings and chance encounters brings this unlikely duo together and a fairytale romance ensues.

Love Scenery

  • Cast: Lulu Xu, Lin Yi, Yuwei Jiang

  • IMDb: 8.1/10

  • Where to watch: iQIYI, We TV, Dailymotion

Based on the novel 'A bright spear is easy to hide, but a secret love is hard to prevent' by Qiao Yao, this light-hearted romance drama follows a senior computer science graduate/gamer and a popular singer. When fate plays the unexpected love card, the couple defies all odds with age and social differences to follow their hearts and dreams.

My Lethal Man

  • Cast: Zhixin Fan, Chang Zhe Kuan, Wei Ling Zhu

  • IMDb: 7.1/10

  • Where to watch: Amazon miniTV, Viki

The plot revolves around an unexpected kidnapping that changes Shen Man Ning’s life and fate. In a twisted turn of events, when Shen Man Ning’s doppelgänger dies, she begins her secret second life with a new identity. A chance encounter with the mysterious and unlikely Yan Xing Cheng further complicates Shen Man Ning’s life as she navigates a buried secret.

Three Body

  • Cast: Luyi Zhang, Hewei Yu, Yongjian Lin

  • IMDb: 7.6/10

  • Where to watch: Rakuten Viki

Based on the sci-fi novel Liu Ci Xin’s The Three-Body Problem, this intriguing C-drama traces the mysterious deaths of scientists and experts while exploring another sinister discovery. Three-Body revolves around astrophysics and other fascinating themes that delves you into the riveting world of science as it is intertwined with humanity and its fate.

Hidden Love

  • Cast: Lusi Zhao, Zheyuan Chen, Zhang Jiong Min
  • IMDb: 8.6
  • Where to watch: Netflix

A tale of love, friendship, and a childhood crush! This adorable love story revolves around a girl who falls for her brother’s friend. When fate plays its cupid card and the duo end up at the same university, will this childhood unrequited love blossom into some magical bonding? Stream this social media sensation online.

Story of Kunning Palace

  • Cast: Lu BaiLinghe ZhangXingyue Wang
  • IMDb: 8.2
  • Where to watch: YouTube, Dailymotion, Dramacool

A fantasy historical drama that traces the life of an ambitious woman, Jiang Xue Ning, who aspires to rise to royal power. However, her wish is unfulfilled when she is captured by the rebels and dies unexpectedly. When fate gives her a second chance through reincarnation, will she be able to change her destiny? Only time will reveal!

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