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Glamorous to Cruella, check out these five series and films if you adore fashion

If fashion is your ride or die & beauty is your motto, then you are ready for every sartorial scenario. If that sounds like you, then give these five films & series a try. Your wardrobe will thank you

Glamorous to Cruella, check out these five series and films if you adore fashion

Last Updated: 12.52 AM, Dec 04, 2023


Fashion is universal, it is comforting and liberating. From simple earrings to a jaw-dropping scarf, everything is fashion, and only its crème de la crème qualifies to exist as part of Haute Couture. Couture is a language in its own right, with a Prada vastly varying from a Birkin and a Gucci, only by default of its exclusivity and style, and not the items concerned. If fashion is a language you speak, then these five films and series are perfect for you.


This comedy drama series was created by Jordon Nardino, and released on Netflix in June, 2023. Starring the iconic Kim Cattral and Miss Benny in the lead roles, Glamorous follows the story of makeup and fashion enthusiast Marco after he gets a dream job, working for his idol, Beauty mogul Madolyn Addison. While working for her titular company, Marco develops his dating life, his social circle, and above all, his own identity as he is on this journey of beauty and sartorial glamour.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is a refreshing series that follows American Emily Cooper, as she moves to France for work purposes and ends up falling in love with Paris, without speaking a word of French. The series traces Lilly Collins’ Emily’s journey as she finds love, friends, fashion, and a home in the Parisian paradise. Premiering on Netflix in 2020, the third season of the series aired in 2022.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic is a renowned 2009 rom com that sincerely focuses on fashion and the pleasures of shopping. Starring Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy in the leading roles, the film offers a multi-layered narrative on fashion, shopaholicism, and the unique style of sprucing up finance journalism. The film is available on Disney+hotstar.


This 2021 film is the holy grail of modern day-fashion projects, with its portrayal of stunning couture and as well as of its seedy underbelly. A unique adaptation of 101 Dalmatians’ main villain’s origin story, the Emma Stone and Emma Thompson-starrer follows the life story of Cruella de Vil as she tells her story, without the usual antagonization endured by a strong-female lead. The film is available on Disney+hotstar.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-winning series follows the rise of a rare, talented female standup comic Miriam Maisel, as she maneuvers life, divorce, work, children, prodding parents, and a loving but divorced husband. Running for 5 seasons, with its origin in 2017, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel also focuses on Miriam’s wardrobe, as she is very particular of her clothes and well-versed in fashion and beauty, pairing iconic and swoon-worthy outfits throughout the series. It is available to stream on Prime Video.

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