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Latest Malayalam movies, web series to stream on Manorama Max in April 2023

Here are the latest Malayalam films that have made their way onto Manorama Max.

Latest Malayalam movies, web series to stream on Manorama Max in April 2023

Last Updated: 06.13 PM, Apr 16, 2023


The OTT sphere in the country has been thriving of late, showing no signs of slowing down ever since its meteoric rise began when the pandemic took hold of the globe. Mollywood too witnessed a number of digital releases as well, and OTTs made sure that viewers from all across the country got access to the beauty of Malayalam cinema from the comfort of their homes. Malayalam films spanning across genres, be it actioners, thrillers, dramas or romcoms, each found a place on the plethora of streaming platforms which have graced the digital scene of late, and one among them is Manorama Max. Here are the latest Malayalam films cinephiles can enjoy watching on Manorama Max.

Enkilum Chandrike


A group of friends who comprise the Sumalatha club are shocked and dismayed to learn that one of their friends is getting married and did not tell them about it. After uncovering some unpleasant truths, the group decide to sabotage their friend’s ‘perfect’ love story. Directed by Adithyan Chandrasekhar in his feature film debut, Enkilum Chandrike also stars Suraj Venjaramoodu, Basil Joseph, Saiju Kurup, Tanvi Ram and Niranjana Anoop.

Dear Vaappi

After years of living in Mumbai, Basheer, a talented tailor, comes back home and decides to set up his own business, with the full support of his daughter. However the task is easier said than done, and the father-daughter duo have a lot to overcome. The Shan Thulaseedharan directorial stars Lal, Anagha Narayanan and Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju in lead roles.

Momo in Dubai

Despite his financial struggles, young Momo’s father manages to bring his entire family to the United Arab Emirates, where the former is working. Blissfully ignorant of his father’s struggles, the young boy sets out to explore the city, dreaming of visiting Burj Khalifa, and leaves a trail of chaos for his family. The film, directed by Athrey Baijuraj, Ameen Aslam, stars Anu Sithara, Aneesh G Menon and Johny Antony

Naalam Mura

When a non-resident Indian named Jayesh arrives in India, he is whisked away to the interrogation room by crime branch officers, who question him in connection with an unsolved, years old murder case. Soon it becomes unclear whether the officers are actually trying to solve the case, or trying to pin the crime on the expatriate. Guru Somasundaram, Biju Menon and Prashanth Alexander star in the Deepu Anthikad directorial.

Aanandham Paramaanandham

Retired postman Divakaran Kurup is a loved man in his locality. His one vice seems to be his alcoholism, which puts a strain on his relationship with his wife and daughter. When his daughter falls in love with a gulf returnee who is as much an alcoholic as Divakaran, the latter is put in a tough spot. The Shafi directorial features Sharafudheen and Indrans in leading roles.

Shefeekkinte Santosham

Unni Mukundan plays the titular character, an idealistic young man who's good nature gets him into trouble. After bringing an ayurveda doctor a gift from Dubai, Shefeek’s life takes a turn when the police knock on his door on the day of his engagement ceremony. Bala and Divya Pillai also star in the Anup Pandalam directorial.

Autorickshawkkarante Bharya

Starring Suraj Venjaramoodu and Ann Augustine, Autorickshawkkarante Bharya marked the latter’s first Malayalam release in almost 5 years. The film follows the story of a couple, Sajeevan and Radhika, the former a lazy autorickshaw driver who rarely does anything to contribute to the household. When their debts start to pile up, Radhika decides to drive the auto herself to save the family from financial ruin. The film was directed by Harikumar and written by M. Mukundan.


Mike follows the story of a young free spirited woman named Sarah, who is desirous of undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Her life changes when she crosses paths with Antony, a troubled young man trying to escape his tragic past. The Vishnu Sivaprasad directorial stars Anaswara Rajan, Ranjith Sajeev and Jinu Joseph in prominent roles.


Starring Kunchacko Boban and Arvind Swami, Ottu revolves around the story of Kichu, a man who dreams of starting a new life with his partner, who takes up the task of helping a gangster regain his memory in exchange for a large sum of money. However, well into his mission,Kichu realises that not everything is as it seems on the surface. The film also features Jackie Shroff.

Priyan Ottathilanu

Priyadarshan, a homeo doctor and aspiring scientist, never passes up the opportunity to do some good. However, his good nature often comes at the cost of putting his and his family’s needs second. On a day when one of the biggest opportunities of his life comes calling, a number of obstacles riddle his path. The film, directed by Antony Sony, stars Sharafudheen, Nyla Usha and Aparna Das in the lead roles.


This Sathyan Anthikkad directorial marked Meera Jasmine's comeback film after her six year long hiatus. Starring Meera, Jayaram, Devika Sanjay, Sreenivasan, Innocent, and Naslen K. Gafoor, Makal revolves around the story of Nandan, a Gulf returnee who finds himself having a hard time connecting with his daughter, who had been living with her mother for all these years. When the mother has to move away for work, Nandan’s troubles get worse, until a stranger’s unexpected entry into their lives.

John Luther

Directed by debutant Abhijith Joseph, John Luther follows the story of its titular protagonist, a skilled and dedicated police officer who places his duty above anything and anyone else. While investigating a missing person’s case John’s life takes a turn when his involvement in a scuffle causes him to lose most of his hearing. Jayasurya stars as the titular protagonist.

Pathaam Valavu

Starring Indrajith Sukumaran and Suraj Venjaramoodu in lead roles, Pathaam Valavu tells the tale of dedicated police officer Sethunath, who finds himself torn between his duty and conscience after he listens to the tragic tale of a convict who violated his parole, and the circumstances which led him to choose a path of crime. M. Padmakumar has directed the film.


Closely following a string of gruesome murders, investigative journalist Jennifer tries to figure out who the killer is. Unbeknownst to her, the murderer is closer than she thinks. The Rajesh Nair directorial stars Deepti Sati and Madhupal.

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