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Old is indeed gold, five Series to binge with your family this Christmas

Most people are hungover or bombarded with holiday affection from family on Christmas. To play it safe, binge these give series with to infuse love and humor and supernatural beings into your holiday.

Old is indeed gold, five Series to binge with your family this Christmas

Last Updated: 12.15 AM, Nov 26, 2023


Christmas is the time of the year when most adults either party the evening away, or curl up with hot cocoa and Cameron Diaz, to finish a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and weep to sleep. Those who are luckier, spend their Christmas hols with loved ones or family. But not every moment is as enjoyable as it seems, with adulting thrown into the mix. To escape unnecessary haranguing, binge these give series to bond with them without sacrificing your sanity or freedom.

  • The Good Place
  • What better series to lighten up your Christmas than one that subverts all your notions of heaven and hell? The Good Place premiered in 2016 and ran for 54 episodes.  Starring Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and Manny Jacinto in the primary roles, the series is guaranteed to make you weep with laughter and bittersweet satisfaction.

  • 3%
  • This series is guaranteed to make you count your blessings as it focuses on a post-apocalyptic world, set in Brazil, where only 3% of the world live in luxury, only if they survive a grueling and dangerously political competition.

  • Tooth Pari: When love bites
  • Tooth Pari is a unique addition to the list, despite its dramatic, vampiric premise, as it is a smartly made rom-com horror series based in Kolkata that not only traces a new fusion of Bengali culture and western myths and mannerisms, but also promises the development of a third kind of genre, mixing mythology with divinity.

  • Good Omens
  • The Neil Gaiman British fantasy series is sure to make you wonder of the paradox of Christianity and its sincere resemblance of being a coin with two opposing but connected signs, of good and evil. Angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley form a strange friendly alliance to maintain humanity’s wellbeing, but end up having the weirdest heroic adventures, and are forced to do the opposite of their dutiful biddings, at the cost of saving lives or eternal damnation.

  • American Gods
  • Another Neil Gaiman concoction, American Gods is an American fantasy drama that is based on the former’s eponymous novel. It traces the path of Ricky Whittle’s Shadow, who is unfortunately and fatefully embroiled in the conflict between the Old and New Gods, of every imaginable religion, mythology, and nation on earth. A non-traditional approach to spirituality, the series demands multiple binges from all.

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